Using Stickers and Scotch…

… tape, I managed to occupy the baby for 20 minutes so I could sort pictures. Seems these items are waaaaay more interesting than the nice new toys she got for Christmas. I also pressed into service TWO tv’s at once. One played Star Wars to anesthetize my 7 year olds (yeah, more slippage). For added fun, they watched while IN a furniture and bedsheet tent they’d made– so cute!

The other TV featured Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella for my princess-loving 3 year old– and for me! I love that movie! Minutes into my scrapbooking project I discovered I don’t have Christmas pix back from being developed yet. All I have is a few digitals I took on my old camera. Duh.

So, changing gears, I gathered vacation pix from last fall. About the time I got them cropped, the baby was melting down. This forced me to sit down and read email while she napped in my arms as is her preference these days.(Tough life, isn’t it?) It wasn’t til 5:30 in the evening that I finally got my TWO PAGES SCRAPPED. Yeah!

I am very much a practical scrapbooker. I like to fit a lot of pictures on the page and tend to just use a sheet or two of background paper for embellishment, plus a few words here and there. I especially like the picture at the far right, midway between top and bottom. It is of my 3 year old and my mom, having a snuggle. My girl was delighted to have a few more pictures of herself to admire!


  1. Oh nice job!!!! I love it. 🙂

  2. Sweet and simple. The easiest way to scrapbook 🙂