Wedding Question: if you could do it over

I’ve been loving the comments from people telling what they enjoyed most about their wedding planning.  I wonder if you’d also tell me what you wish you’d done differently?

One thing that I wish I’d thought to do was say goodbye to my bridesmaids, specifically my friend who flew across the country to be in my wedding.  I ended up calling her from a pay phone an hour or two later, to tell her thanks for coming.  But I wish I’d thought to hug her goodbye in person, even in the hurry-scurry of leaving.

I also wish I’d asked my two youngest sisters to be flower girls.  They were perfect ages, and I’m not sure why I didn’t ask them to participate.  All in all, it was a wonderful wedding, but those are two small things I’d do differently if I could.  And both are people-related items….hmmmm……

How about you?  Have anything you’d have done differently?