Review: Begin Smart Books

Recently I was asked to review a set of 4 Begin Smart books. One-Two was a counting book for 18-24 months. It is a cute book with heavy foam pages, but it seemed a little simplistic to me. I’ve never seen a book that counted only to two! personally I would not buy this one.

What Does Baby Say is for 12-18 month olds, and What Does Baby Do is for 6-12 months. Both books are nice lift-the-flap board books, with simple pictures and an engaging what-comes-next? rhythm. Read either of these books to a toddler a time or two and he’ll be telling you what is under each flap before he even lifts it. My 3 year old enjoyed these books. They were simple for her, but she enjoyed them enough that she asked me to read them to her again. She liked being able to anticipate the answers to the questions.

The final book in this set is actually a cross between a soft book and a chew toy. It is a little cloth book called Faces and is designed for the youngest of babies. It has a rattle to keep babies interested and is filled with faces featuring different expressions. Cute book. I am looking forward to giving this one away as a baby shower gift because it is really cute. however, I have to say that of this series, I like the lift-the-flap books best, since I have found that type of book to be a perennial favorite with my kids.