Book Giveaway: From Ashes to Africa

UPDATE” Book winner posted here. Thanks for your stories about your awesome hubbies!!!!!

My book giveaways have been a bit derailed by the bathroom remodeling drama around here– pix soon! But as promised, here is the first giveaway. A couple who reads my blog, Josh and Amy Bottomly, wrote a book about the experience of adopting from Ethiopia. The book is called, “From Ashes to Africa.”

A few weeks ago I found enough time to read it, and very much enjoyed it. It is written from the perspective of both husband and wife, and candidly details the highs and lows of waiting to adopt. Adoption is not for the faint of heart– something I already knew! But this book does more than describe an adoption. It also chronicles the story of a marriage, and the way Josh and Amy changed and grew throughout the adoption process.

This is a great read for any adoptive parent, or for anyone who is considering adoption.

Here’s the cool part: I am giving away a signed copy of this book. To enter the drawing:

— If you are married I would like you to share one thing your spouse did when you were dating that you are glad he or she still does! If you like, you can also share one thing that he or she did while you were dating that you are glad he/she quit.

— If you are single, you can still play along: just share one trait that is essential to you in a partner.

Umm…let’s see….to make this fair, I guess I ought to start.

I am glad my husband doesn’t spend as much time car-washing as he did when we were dating. But I am very glad that he still thinks I am gorgeous, even in comfy jammies (yeah, the soft, baggy cotton kind) and no makeup.

You have until Saturday at 9 AM to make your comment and enter the drawing!