Making dorm kits

While preparing to bring Second Daughter to college bright and early tomorrow morning, I have been scurrying around making her a couple of ‘dorm essentials’ kits. I’m sure there are tons of different things you could include. But here’s what I came up with.


First is the dorm snack kit. The object of this kit is to give my daughter a few healthy foods she can eat in her dorm room on those days/nights when she is too busy studying to head out to the cafeteria. I used a shoebox-sized storage bin. In it I packed:

–energy bars
–small jar of peanut butter
–ready-to-eat soup with a pop-off top
–tea bags
Homemade granola
–a coffee mug
–fork, spoon, and napkins
–two plastic food containers that can be used to warm soup or store leftovers. I’ll also be sending along yogurt, cheese sticks, and juice boxes for the fridge.

Medical Kit

The other kit that I put together is a medical kit, so that my daughter won’t have to run to the store when she is not feeling well. In a small makeup bag I packed:

–bandaids in several sizes
–antibiotic ointment
–nail clipper
–cough drops

We’re planning to dump everything off in her dorm room, then run to Target for a few other odds and ends she still needs. Hopefully these goodies will help our girl feel just a little more at home and settled in her new digs. Anyone else done kits like these before. What kinds of things did you pack?

(And here’s another fun tidbit. After we get Second Daughter all settled in, John and I are taking a day for ourselves to celebrate our anniversary while the kids hang out with my folks. Heavenly!!)