Spray painting chairs:  before and after

Spray painting plastic chairs: does it work?

When we moved, we brought some white plastic lawn chairs that didn’t end up matching with the rest of the back yard decor, which is mostly black lawn furniture with some red and yellow accents.  The white didn’t clash, but it got kind of lost against the white fence, and because the chairs were old, […]

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Cooking with gas

Now we’re cooking with gas

I think I told you that just before we moved out of the old house, in the midst of repainting and recarpeting and replacing the whole kitchen,  our oven broke, forcing us to buy brand a brand new range also---a mite frustrating after all the money … [Read More...]

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With some of the kids on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day

We had a nice visit with family on Mother's Day.   One of the highlights of the day had to be when all our grandchildren arrived at once, all hurrying toward the front door in great excitement at being here to visit.  What delight.  … [Read More...]

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How fun! I’ve been tagged by my friend Wendy. We both have Asian and Ethiopian kids and have been on adoption yahoogroups together for awhile. Anyway, here goes: FOUR JOBS YOU HAVE HAD IN YOUR LIFE –McDonald’s hamburger cooker –Nurses aide at a nursing home –Fabric store worker –RN delivering babies FOUR MOVIES YOU’D WATCH […]

Using Stickers and Scotch…

… tape, I managed to occupy the baby for 20 minutes so I could sort pictures. Seems these items are waaaaay more interesting than the nice new toys she got for Christmas. I also pressed into service TWO tv’s at once. One played Star Wars to anesthetize my 7 year olds (yeah, more slippage). For […]

Followup on TT

So writing my Thursday Thirteen yesterday left me really evaluating the quality of my day yesterday. It was homeschool rollerskating day (once a month in our neighborhood) We were gone all morning, so forget scrapbooking. But I did accomplish of few things on my list. My bathroom is sparkling–a nice feeling. I did play with […]

Bits and Pieces

Be sure not to miss sure not to miss KDubs post this morning. The Shame of Motherhood And I was appalled to stumble across Gerah’s story about fabric softener sheets Be sure to click on the links too. Made me glad I am a cheapskate and don’t buy dryer sheets… I also had a thought […]

The Baby Today…

…was was spotted helping her Thursday-Thirteen-inspired momma clean the bathroom…. by LICKING the floor! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww! (No, I hadn’t mopped yet.) ——————– …also managed to get half way up the stairs unattended this evening. The sight of her crawling up was made doubly worrisome by the fact that at the time she was also holding a […]

Heard From The Three Year Old

The three year old, in her best tattling voice, “Mo-om, he called me a skillet!” (teenager in the background, defending the 7 year old, “No, he didn’t! He called the skillet a skillet!”) ——————————- While setting the table, “Mommy, is the table a boy or a girl?” She wasn’t too satisfied with my answer that […]

Thursday Thirteen!!

Thirteen Things about Mary Thirteen Things I Feel Great About Doing 1. Getting a few pages done in one of my children’s scrapbooks 2. Lying on the floor and playing with my baby 3. Playing a game with my kids (depending on the games, this one sometimes feels good only after completion!) 4. Cleaning my […]

The New Math

So this morning my 7 years olds were whining their way through the obligatory two pages of math before they could go play video games. They’re just starting multiplication: the 0’s, 1’s and 10’s. I checked a mathbook where obviously some confusion existed about the 1’s. “No, hon, anything times one is itself. See, 8 […]


Last night my baby came over and clung to my leg, begging to be picked up. I leaned down to pick her up just like I always do. But as I scooped her little body into my arms I was overwhelmed by a sense of awe. She has come so far and yet she is […]

Turkey Cornbread Sandwiches

I like to buy turkeys when they are on good sales around the holidays. Then once a month or so during the winter, we have a nice turkey dinner for no reason at all. We did a turkey this weekend– a 25 lb beast that gave me lots of leftovers. So today I was on […]