Beach in July

Beach time

Here’s a snap from a quick trip we made to the beach this week. Felt weird to be traveling with only two kids, but all our bigger kids were working, and so we took the plunge and went off to play without them.  We missed them all lots, but had fun with the youngest two […]

Featured Recipe

How to make kimbap (Korean-style sushi)

(First posted here in 2010) Korean Sushi Preparation Time: 60 minutes Serves: 6-8 This recipe is a little more time consuming than my average recipe, but it is a fun treat every now and then.  Once you have the various ingredients … [Read More...]

Parenting Feature

Cousin fun

Summertime party!

We have the family tradition of a big 4th of July party complete with a barbecue, games, prizes and a water balloon fight.  Since we moved into the new house, I've been puzzling how we could pull all this off in our tiny back yard. So in planning … [Read More...]

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Blog Olympics

OK, I am excited! Just got a gold medal in the Blog Olympics – Round 2 Results for, ahem, posting really often. (What’s that? You’re not surprised…?) Well, I was! Being a ‘baby’ in the blogging world, this is probably my only gold at this olympics, but it is fun. Can’t wait to hear what […]

Family Government

After picking up cereal off the floor for the 47 zillionth time, I decided that the presence of baby # 8 required something none of her predecessors had– a baby latch on the cereal cupboard. While working away, trying to get a screw started in ridiculously hard oak of the cabinet door, I decided to […]

Apt Slips

Like many her age, my 3 year old doesn’t pronounce all her words correctly, but her slips often end up being oddly sensible. She brushes her teeth with ‘tooth-taste’. Her favorite is vanilla. Yum. She loves visiting ‘Lick-Donalds’ where one of her favorite activities involves dipping a french fry in ketchup, licking, and repeating, til […]

Vaccines and Autism Part 2

Just wanted to share the link to this blog Adventures in Autism . FYI, California is one of the states where mercury has recently been outlawed in vaccines.

The Bandaid

Bedtime Saturday. All the little kids except the baby were off brushing their teeth, and big kids were milling around in the living room getting hugs from mom and dad. 14 yo son wanted to know if he was taller than 15 yo daughter. Much laughter and stretching was involved in the measuring process. I […]

Vaccines and Autism

This morning I read the post from The tales of Mama D where she shared her concerns over vaccinating her child. For the record, my kids are fully vaccinated, but not without a fair amount of concern, and on a much later schedule than the doc recommended. I just didn’t feel peaceful about giving huge […]

One of These Things….

Hypothetically speaking, if a baby were faced with this colorful array of toys, none of which she had ever seen before, WHICH tempting item do you suppose she would grab first? Study the items carefully before you make your guess. You guessed it! Elmer’s wins out over Fisher-Price every time!! “If I smile really cute, […]


Isaiah 43: 5-6

Tagged– FOUR

How fun! I’ve been tagged by my friend Wendy. We both have Asian and Ethiopian kids and have been on adoption yahoogroups together for awhile. Anyway, here goes: FOUR JOBS YOU HAVE HAD IN YOUR LIFE –McDonald’s hamburger cooker –Nurses aide at a nursing home –Fabric store worker –RN delivering babies FOUR MOVIES YOU’D WATCH […]

Using Stickers and Scotch…

… tape, I managed to occupy the baby for 20 minutes so I could sort pictures. Seems these items are waaaaay more interesting than the nice new toys she got for Christmas. I also pressed into service TWO tv’s at once. One played Star Wars to anesthetize my 7 year olds (yeah, more slippage). For […]