Happy Thanksgiving!

If you’re looking for some quick printable activities to occupy the kiddos while the cooking happens, check out the neat ones here at   Have a wonderful holiday celebration with the ones you love!

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Hazel's Yummy Gluten Free Bread

Hazel’s Gluten-Free Bread

As promised many days ago, here's my momma's wonderful gluten-free bread recipe. Her gluten-free flour recipe is included at the bottom. If you like, you can mix it in a bread machine or with a Kitchen-Aid. This bread is especially fabulous … [Read More...]

Parenting Feature

The granite I chose

How can it be almost Thanksgiving?

I wanted to show you a sample of the granite we chose for our current house's kitchen remodel.  Our cabinets will not be quite so grand looking.  But they are a white shaker style cabinet fairly similar to the photo, and we are reusing dark drawer … [Read More...]

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Here’s Why….

…you should never leave your coffee unattended at my house.

Really Good Sheets

I told my husband that for Christmas I wanted some really good sheets– 500 thread count. He dutifully went looking and discovered that to clad our king-size bed that richly would cost $180. Much more than he’d planned to spend for just a part of my Christmas. So, unbeknownst to me, when his mom called […]

Morning At My House

I saw on the news last night that many people’s mental impairment upon awakening in the morning is as serious as that of someone who’s been awake 24 hours straight. Now why is that news?? I can’t be the only person in the world who requires a half hour and a cup of coffee before […]


Yesterday, while driving, we spotted a PINK Baskin Robbins truck and pointed it out to our resident pink fanantic, my 3 year old. After the usual ‘Where? Where? I can’t see it!’ commentary, she saw it and said dreamily, “I wish, when I get old, to drive a little truck, a pink truck. And if […]

‘Easy’ Button

(Or Where Are Those Darned Elves Anyway?) Was thinking about what I read over at The Big Yellow House today. For years when the house gets filthy my husband and I have looked at each other and said, tongue in cheek, “Where are those darned elves when you need them, anyway?” (You know, the ones […]

More Christmas

Here’s my 3 year old favoring me with a regal smile as she enjoys two Christmas gifts at once: a new princess dress and a HUGE new collection of playdough which she intends to grind into my carpet over the next few months. Ah, bliss!


My one year old has been one busy little girl lately. The other morning I was working on school with her big brothers, lost track of her for a minute or two, then realized it was waaaaay too quiet. Found her in the kitchen with a bag of bulk chocolate chips she’d pulled out of […]

Cool Christmas Gift

Here’s my 7 yr old making a mongo bubble with a gadget he got for Christmas. Supposedly it doesn’t work well in cold weather, but it was in the 30’s when he got this bubble. Can’t wait to see how it works on a warm day!


My 3 year old was explaining Spiderman to me today. Don’t be too hard on me for letting a 3 year old watch Spiderman. Heaven knows I never would have let my first-born watch a PG-13 movie at such an impressionable age. But this kid is my seventh. And although she is NOT afflicted with […]

House-Painting, Toddler Style

I’ve been hemming and hawing about jumping in with a blog of my own, but saw this funny kid CONTEST at A Mama’s Rant and knew I had just the picture for it. This is a pix of my little guys when they were two and disappeared from my sight for just a few minutes. […]