It's soup-making weather!

Getting back to normal

Our house went on the market on Wednesday.  (Here’s the link to the virtual tour, if you want to see it.)  Twenty-four hours later we’d already had 5 showings and one offer — an OFFER.  Our agent is coming at noon today to present us that offer.  Crazy to think that (maybe, maybe) it could […]

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Hazel's Yummy Gluten Free Bread

Hazel’s Gluten-Free Bread

As promised many days ago, here's my momma's wonderful gluten-free bread recipe. Her gluten-free flour recipe is included at the bottom. If you like, you can mix it in a bread machine or with a Kitchen-Aid. This bread is especially fabulous … [Read More...]

Parenting Feature

Seeing Jesus this Christmas

Kids and gifts. And Jesus.

This is the time of year when my momma-heart wants to give my children the perfect gift. Well, truth be told, always I long to do that, but that longing is huge at Christmas. This year with all the busy-ness of moving, my Christmas gift-hunting feels … [Read More...]

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Thursday Thirteen!!

Thirteen Things about Mary Thirteen Things I Feel Great About Doing 1. Getting a few pages done in one of my children’s scrapbooks 2. Lying on the floor and playing with my baby 3. Playing a game with my kids (depending on the games, this one sometimes feels good only after completion!) 4. Cleaning my […]

The New Math

So this morning my 7 years olds were whining their way through the obligatory two pages of math before they could go play video games. They’re just starting multiplication: the 0’s, 1’s and 10’s. I checked a mathbook where obviously some confusion existed about the 1’s. “No, hon, anything times one is itself. See, 8 […]


Last night my baby came over and clung to my leg, begging to be picked up. I leaned down to pick her up just like I always do. But as I scooped her little body into my arms I was overwhelmed by a sense of awe. She has come so far and yet she is […]

Turkey Cornbread Sandwiches

I like to buy turkeys when they are on good sales around the holidays. Then once a month or so during the winter, we have a nice turkey dinner for no reason at all. We did a turkey this weekend– a 25 lb beast that gave me lots of leftovers. So today I was on […]

Birth Control

I came across this post on Big Yellow House and had to share it. Just hilarious!

Have A Toddler?

Just wondering here: when walking along with my one yr old on my hip, she will watch my free arm swing, and pretty soon her outside arm is swinging along in imitation of mine. Then she will look up at me and grin in the most companionable sort of way. As far as I can […]

Quick Beef Stroganoff

Serves 8 1 lb lean hamburger 1-3 garlic cloves 1/4 cup flour 2 cups milk 1 16-oz carton light sour cream 1 cup fresh mushrooms, sliced 1 tsp salt 1/2 tsp pepper Pasta, about 8-10 servings (look on package for servings) Put a large pot of water on to boil. Brown hamburger in a large […]

Pasta Perfection

It all started with an innocent question. “What do you feel like having for dinner, honey?” Now, one of the things I love about my hubby is that he is NOT a picky eater. The only down side is that when faced with a question like this, he can think of any number of dinner […]


Kyongbokk Palace Our 1998 Trip To Seoul, Korea Psalm 139:9-10

Cute Cloth Diapers

Got a new diaper sewed today and it turned out so cute I just had to get a few pix. Here is a pix of the rest of my diaper collection. In case you haven’t heard, cloth diapers these days are REALLY nice– velcro, waterproof fabric, and yes, easy to wash. It is really fun […]