Welcome Good Housekeeping readers! (and a giveaway)

Look what came in the mail today??  A Good Housekeeping magazine with some of my words in it– page 213 of the December issue if you’re wondering.   Martha Stewart and Bobby Flay may be utterly blase about appearances in magazines, but it’s still a pretty big deal to me.

If you’re here because you saw the story, welcome!  I’m so glad you came.  Click around and explore.  I write about all sorts of stuff— with frugality, adoption, mothering, and good food being some of my favorite topics.  If you’re wondering whether this blog is worth visiting again, try these stories on for size:

How we met:  Our love story

How to save money at any store

How to can:  my favorite canning recipes

How we homeschool: pictures from handwriting class

How on earth we afforded 6 adoptions (no, we’re not rich!)

How to make my most-stumbled recipe: Lemon Curd Cake

In honor of the Good Housekeeping story– have I mentioned how thrilled I am?– this week I am going to give away a copy of each of my books, Family Feasts for $75 a Week and A Sane Woman’s Guide to Raising a Large Family.  To enter, simply comment below and tell me one of two things:

  • If you are a brand new reader, tell me how you got here.  Was it through Good Housekeeping?  Google?  Some other blog?
  • If you’ve been here before– welcome back, friend! –will you tell me what types of blog posts you most enjoy reading? Recipes?  Money-saving?  Adoption?  Parenting?  Other?

You have until Saturday morning to comment.  I’ll announce the winners early next week!

Saturday linky love

A post that made me want to race to the fabric store. Right.now.

Utterly hilarious kids.

Carb-loading at its most delicious.

A most adorable dress. (HT: Big Mama)

Happy weekend!!

New blogs

The winner of the Science Spa kit is Dawn F!


I was happy to discover last week that it is practically painless to switch from (defunct-this-week) Bloglines to Google Reader. And glory be, it turns out I actually like the Google reader better!  I read over 100 blogs a week, so I really appreciate the way the google reader just lets you scroll through every blog in a one-click way.  My wildly eclectic list includes faith to fashion to photography to frugality to just plain funny.

Here are a few I just added:

Fish in My Hair hilarious, irreverent homeschooler

Pleasant View Schoolhouse gentle, inspiring homeschooler

Centsational Design– awesome and frugal home decor projects

My Life in Projects – my very own sister Rachel’s house-projects blog!

Happy Monday!  I am off to do a zillion things.  I leave Wednesday for the TOGETHER FOR ADOPTION conference! I’m sooooo excited!!!

Links of interest

What’s the most interesting link you’ve come across lately?

She Speaks

Ever wondered if you could write a book?  Tell your story to a women’s group?  Become more involved in the ministry at your church? Proverbs 31 Ministries is holding their annual She Speaks conference July 30th-August 1st.  It looks like a great conference for anyone interested in sharing a story in the broader world.  I reeeeeallllly wanted to go last year but already made plans to go to church camp.  This year I am really hoping I might be able to go.   Making it even more possible is the fact that Lysa TerKeurst is giving away a scholarship to the event.

I would love to explore the idea of speaking about things that I love to write about:  mothering, money-stretching, and other topics that turn women’s hearts towards home.  Given my fears about speaking, it might be that writing is more my gift.  But I’ve felt my heart being nudged lately, enough that I’d like to know more about speaking.  I always want to be ready for what God might have in my future, and I feel like this conference might be another step on that path.

If I’m chosen for that sweet scholarship, I’ll be considering that a big ol’ open door from God. You can enter too, simply by blogging about the conference and linking back to Lysa and She Speaks.

Radio: Living Inspired

Just wanted to let you know that this week I’ll be chatting with Tricia Goyer on Living Inspired. The show is on Thursday afternoon at 3 PM central time. I’ll be talking about our adoption story, among other things. You can tune in live, or listen to the tape of the broadcast afterwards at the Living Inspired website.  Doubtless I’ll be the one stammering all over the place.   Yikes.

2009 Bloggy Recap

Looking at the first sentence of the first post of each month in 2009 was an interesting trip down Memory Lane for me.

The idea for this post came from FiddleDeeDee and Musings of a Housewife

Linky Love

My BABY’s 5th birthday is today– how can that be??  In lieu of a post I will leave you with some of my favorite links for the week.

CraftyStylish: Guitar String Bracelet

Scribbit:  No Child Left Behind

Shaun Groves:  Praying For My Family

She Laughs at the Days:  Remember Who You Are

A year ago today

Way back in January of 2006, my first blog ‘crush’ was Chris of The Big Yellow House, now known as Notes From the Trenches. I spent the wee hours of many evenings going through her archives, reading every word she ever posted. (Did I ever tell you this, Chris? 🙂 ) I was enthralled. Her youngest and my youngest were born the same month. She had almost as many kids as I did, and I could tell that she was the type of person I’d love to have as a real life friend. When I got the pleasure of meeting her at BlogHer 08, I discovered my hunch was right.

Should you have a similar wish to be a psuedo-blog-stalker-person, but in a much less time-consuming way, check out the cool new gizmo in my left sidebar. It is just below my grocery tally — yikes, I’ve already spent a lot this month– and it lists the posts that I wrote exactly one year ago. Making it ever so easy to read a post or two a day from my archives until you’re all caught up for the past year. Or sick of me. Or both. 🙂

The beauty of catching up on 90 blogs in one evening…

….is the way it points out the diversity and the beauty in the lives of the people I have grown to care about through blogging.

It makes me curious….how many of these blogs can you identify? (All of these posts were written in the past week.)

1. A friend jumping out from the bushes to sunscreen her kid
2. A friend rhapsodizing over ranch men
3. A friend mourning the loss of her mother
4. A friend giving away a really good-lookin’ camera strap
5. A friend arguing that Christians more than atheists tend to embrace life
6. A friend recommending a wonderful watermelon/canteloupe salad with mint
7. A friend accidentally ordering 2 kilos of eggplant
8. A friend talking about the crucial value of women as homemakers
9. A friend pausing on a getaway with her hubby to photograph a chicken
10. _____________________________________


Give me your guesses. For #10, tell me the most memorable blog post you’ve read this week. Just for fun, I’ll send a copy of my book A Sane Woman’s Guide to Raising a Large Family to the person who identifies the most blogs. I’ll announce the winner on Saturday!

I’ve got one or two more Korea posts coming eventually, but this evening I enjoyed catching up on all of you…..thanks for being my blog friends.