Boho Yarn Art

Lately I’ve been admiring a variety of fun wall hangings made with yarn on Pinterest– aren’t they pretty?  They look simple enough that I decided to give it a try myself.

I began with sticks that my husband had found on the beach and stripped the bark from.  I could have used store bought dowels for this project as many people do, but I liked the idea of using something with curve and a bit of character.

I found four different types of yarn, all fairly chunky and all in the cream/white/tan color family.  The thicker pieces I used as is.  I opted to thicken up  some of the thinner pieces by either braiding or twisting the yarn.  I also frayed out the bottom of the yarn pieces to make it look softer.

Here’s how you do twists— (start video at the 1 minute mark). Yes, I know it’s a hair video, but it is basically the same idea with yarn as it is with hair– just make sure you twist the individual strands in the same direction that the yarn is already twisted, and then wrap the two twisted strands around each other in the opposite direction, then tie a knot so the twists will stay put.

Here’s how my first piece of wall art turned out.  I am really happy with how it looks in our bedroom– I was just needing a nice bulky piece of art at the head of the bed to contrast with the paint.  (Paint color: Hale Navy)

Here’s a closer view of the project, showing the roughness of the stick that I used, and the way I looped the yarn over the stick– super simple.

I was so happy with the way this one turned out that the next day I made a second wall hanging with the very same yarn.  But this time I did a bit of a different pattern, and added these great big chunky wooden beads that I found at a thrift store.  (Jackpot!!)

Here’s a closeup of the fun stick that John found me for this next project.

And here’s how I did the pattern.  For this one I used only the three yarns that were most similar in size to each other, and then used four loops of each for a total of eight threads per clump.  It took a bit of fiddling to figure out what pattern to do with the beads, but I just played with the design until it seemed right to me.

Isn’t this one robin-egg blue bead fun?  You can see that I sometimes had to tie knots just below beads to keep the beads where I wanted them.  I also found it helpful to hang the piece up as I worked, since that gave me a more true idea of how the yarn would lie.

To thread the beads onto the yarn, I used a piece of plastic thread that I looped around the section of yarn I wanted to thread, then stuck both cut ends of the plastic thread into the hole in the bead, and then pulled until the yarn was in the bead.  I hope you can tell how it works from the sequence of photos below.

Here’s the end result of this second yarn art project.  I haven’t decided where it will live for sure, but I am really liking how it turned out!

My total cost on these two projects together was about $22 for the yarn and another $4 for the beads.  The sticks were found items from the beach. Which style do you like better?  Have you ever tried anything like this?


  1. Molly Uhlenhoff says:

    Love!! These turned out so amazing!

  2. Linda Sue says:

    Love the beaded one – bits of color and change in shape of the “hanging” – but both are pretty doggoned clever – way to go! I’m not a crafter but have two fabulous step daughters who are so creative. Will share this with them and see if step mom gets a cool hanging for Christmas! thanks

  3. These. Look. Awesome. I’ve had similar hangings marked on Pinterest forever but have no initiative or crafting ability. Maybe I *could* give it a try.

  4. I love both of them….but…..I would like to see the
    beaded one against the blue wall, I think it would
    “stand out” better…very nice work

  5. Both of them are so pretty. Isn’t it incredibly refreshing to create something you’ve seen somewhere, with things (the sticks your husband found) that connect memories? Love it!

  6. Pat Kennedy says:

    These are so cool. I was just making something out of your cookbook and decided to look at your blog. My daughter has been wanting something like this. I’m going to go find a big stick and make one!