Books. And Pie. And Books.

I thought I’d tell you about some things I am enjoying lately.  First of all is Katie Parker Production, a phenomenally fun 4-book series that I finished and that Emily and Julianna are both currently reading and laughing out loud over.  The protagonist is a girl who just entered foster care due to her mom’s struggles with drugs and bad relationships.  Katie is trying to find her place in this new foster home.  Katie is sassy, irreverent, and very honestly struggling with so many issues that teens and young adults face, and you just can’t help but root for her the whole way. The first three books cover her life in high school, and the fourth revisits Katie as a young adult.

There is a very light and understated faith message throughout the series.  The struggles she faces ring true.  And the humor– oh my!– and there are SO MANY parts in the series that are truly LOL funny, including the way Katie reacts in one way on the outside, while warring with herself on the inside. (Haven’t we all been there..?) This series gets the full five stars from me and from both of my daughters. And the three of us almost never ALL adore the very same book. Winner, winner, winner.

Next I want to share a fabulous recipe I found for Blueberry Sour Cream Pie.  I had gotten a bunch of frozen blueberries on sale, and was wondering about the possibility of turning some of them into pie, but I was kind of afraid that I might end up with a watery puddle instead of something that looked like pie.  Well, this recipe is the answer.  Super easy to make and absolutely yummy.  I have made it three times in the last month and each time it has been a hit.  For simplicity’s sake, I used premade pie crust.

The recipe recommends that you thaw your blueberries before making the pie, but here’s the workaround that I came up with.  I just pour my frozen berries into a casserole dish and pop them into the oven alongside the pie crust, and by the time the pie crust is baked, the ice is off the berries and they are ready to mix into the recipe.

Finally, I wanted to mention a really fun kids’ book that I was asked to review.  It is called Neema’s Reason to Smile. The pictures are bright and lively, the view into another culture is intriguing, and I just loved the focus on hard work, perseverance, and the importance of mentoring in the life of a young person.

Have you read anything good lately?  I’d love to hear about it!

(PS– I was given a copy of Neema’s Reason to Smile in exchange for an honest review, but I found and loved the Katie Parker books all on my own.)



  1. I just started reading the first Katie Parker book (I am a CASA volunteer, so I am involved in this arena) – so far it is excellent! Honest, tongue in cheek, funny, realistic. I love it. I recommended them to my CASA supervisor. Thanks for telling us about them!