9 stocking stuffers under $3



Sometimes it can be hard to think of fun small items to use as stocking stuffers. I thought I’d share a few ideas that I’ve seen on Amazon, and I’m hoping you’ll chime in and add your own ideas.

Nivea Hand Cream is wonderful, and these little tins are small enough to fit perfectly into a purse or pocket.  I carry mine in my pocket at work to counter-act the effects of washing my hands five times an hour all shift long.  It’s great stuff.

Flash lights are always useful.  They can be toys for bored toddlers in the car, grabbed during power outages, or kept in the glove box in case of roadside emergencies.  And what kid doesn’t want to read a book under the covers with a flashlight after bedtime?


Who wouldn’t welcome a nice pair of fuzzy socks especially in cold weather?  I’m kind of hoping someone will buy something this cozy for me!


Chocolate is always a winner.  Here’s a nice big bag of Hershey’s nuggets at a reasonable price. Divvy the bag out between all the stockings you have to fill, and you’ll still have a few left over to munch as you finish up your Santa duties.


Beeswax Natural Lip Balm is another great cold-weather offering, especially this 6-pack that comes in 6 different flavors.


How about a new toothbrush in a fun color?  Maybe not the most exciting gift for a kid, but I’m guessing my newly-moved-out young adults have already developed an appreciation for necessities that they don’t have to buy for themselves.


If you’re shopping for little guys, these pull-back race cars might be just the ticket.  I’m pretty sure that my little granddaughters would enjoy them just about as much as the boys.

These adorable finger puppets would also be a hit with little ones.  What a darling find in a stocking!  If you’re a real over-achiever, you might even be able to find a story book or two featuring some of these adorable little critters.

And if you’ve got guitar-players in your midst, these might be the prettiest guitar picks they’ve ever seen.  The picks feature art by Vincent van Gogh.



OK, now you know a few of my best ideas. (Shhh….don’t tell my kids and grandkids!)   Will you pin this post if you found it useful?  And by all means, share your own affordable ideas in comments, below. I would love to add to this list.


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  1. Great ideas! 🙂
    In the past mt family has done things like:
    – a compass
    – the mini Dover sticker/coloring books from Amazon
    – nail polish
    – a pocket knife
    – iTunes gift card
    – a small Lego set
    – a snack to eat until breakfast is ready
    – a doll outfit

    That’s all I can remember at the moment!

  2. A new pencil for the one who like to draw.
    A few coins for the coin collector.
    Various granola bars (I usually do not buy packaged food so the children consider them a treat).
    Fancy cupcake liners (we usually use reusable).
    Bouncy balls.

  3. Love the lip balm set!
    I have given small tool kits, mini flashlights, retractable backscratchers, and decks of cards as stocking stuffers in the past.
    All of these can be purchased for $10 or less and were always received with enthusiasm!

    • One of mine would LOVE a back scratcher– thanks for all the ideas!

      • I always include some school supplies in my boys’ stockings, but the kind I don’t usually buy. Like pens in different colors with the soft grips. Also, name brand socks and boxers, like American Eagle (yes, they’re all boys) that I find at Marshall’s or TJMaxx. Inexpensive ear buds because they always lose them. Body spray or shaving cream. I like to get stuff they’ll actually use. And each boy gets a book to read over Christmas vacation 🙂