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My latest Stitch Fix

This time around the lovely folks at Stitch Fix sent me quite a few fun contenders!  I’d love to hear what you think I should keep.

First was a pair of black leggings that I didn’t get a picture of.   They would be great with a long tunic-type top.  They’d also be a nice warm layer under a long skirt– something I was actually wishing for just the other day. I may keep them, or I might not.  Still deciding…

Next up is this zigzag patterned top, which I like quite well.  One of my daughters thought it looked fancier than I usually wear, and it is a silky dressy-feeling material.  But I think it would be nice for a lot of occasions and I like that it looks fine with jeans.

blue zigzag

Next comes this floppy navy sweater.  It is heavenly-soft and very nice and warm.  I am not 100% sure about the style but I think it is more flattering than the last sweater in a similar style  that they sent me.  And did I mention?  So soft and warm.  I feel like I am cozying up in a snuggly bathrobe when I am wearing it.  The question is– does it look ok?  Or tent-like?   And if it is tent-like, do I even care… because, hello, cozy!


floppy sweater

Next up is this adorable boho-style top in turquoise and black.  My daughter Emily laughed when she saw this one, and said, ‘Wow, do they ever know what you like!”  It is soft and silky, but just a little less fitted than the blouse higher on the page.  Love, love, love it.
Boho top

To make the turquoise top even more fun, they also sent me a turquoise necklace as my fifth item.  Such fun!

turquoise necklace

So what do you think?  Which items should I keep?

Never even heard of Stitch Fix?  Sitch Fix is a personal shopping service that picks clothing for you based on a questionnaire that you fill out.  You can also share your Pinterest clothing board to give your stylist more ideas of what you like. (Here’s my pinterest clothing board if you’re curious.)
Once you’ve sent them your info, you can order a fix as often or as infrequently as you like.  Each fix consists of five items for which you pay a styling fee of $20. That $20 styling fee applies toward any item you keep.  Items cost on average between $30-$70.  Keep what you want, and send whatever you don’t want back in the prepaid envelope that comes right along with your fix. Easy peasy.
Click on my referral link to order a ‘fix’ of your own. For extra fun, when you sign up and refer someone else, you’ll get a credit that applies toward your NEXT fix.  What fun!

More house pictures!

I’m so excited to show you some photos of our home, all staged and ready to go on the market next Monday! A friend of mine owns a staging business called Graceful Designs and did a beautiful job of highlighting all the hard work we’ve done to make our much-beloved family home comfortable and lovely for its next owner. Our hope is that someone will totally fall in love with it, and go on to make beautiful family memories of their own!

Here’s the living room:

living7 living (5)

Our lovely remodeled granite kitchen:


Here are some photos of the master suite. master (2)
bath5 bath4 bath1

A cozy upstairs bedroom:



The upstairs bonus room

Lola (9)

I’ll share a link to the listing site next week with even more photos!

sneak peek of kitchen loveliness

Fixing up the old house to sell has been completely consuming lately, but as you can tell by this shot of the lovely new kitchen, it is all coming together.  Here is a picture of the kitchen before, just to refresh your memory.


And here is the new kitchen, complete with brand new cabinets and granite.




More coming soon, I promise.

Love, Unrationed

One thing after another has been thwarting me in the blogging department lately. First, of course, the move. Then it took 2 weeks to get internet at the new place. Plus, before the move one of my laptops stopped charging, and this week, my tiny backup travel ipad-ish thing ALSO stopped charging. Arg. I am currently on hubby’s computer, and just today I broke down and ordered a new laptop, so hopefully when it arrives, my computerish problems will be done, at least for awhile.

I wanted to check in briefly this afternoon to share two things with you.  First up is this awesome youtube video showing how to make blinds into roman shades.  I am totally doing this in my bedroom using room-darkening fabric.  Should be both cute AND awesome for day-sleeping which I do a couple days a week.

Second, I wanted to tell you about Stephanie’s Etsy shop where she creates all sorts of inspirational art.  Awhile back, she wrote to tell me that she used the title of my post Love, Unrationed as the name for her Etsy shop–I was so touched.


If while browing her site, you happen to find a bit of encouragement that you’d like somewhere in your own home, she’s offering a coupon code for you all!  How neat is that?  To receive 40% off, just type GO40OFF into the coupon field when you place an order on her Etsy site.  Happy looking!


Happy New Year!  It’s been a whirlwind 2 weeks around here– probably the craziest Christmas we’ve ever experienced.  After planning for a month to close on our new house Dec 18th, we had all sorts of delays.  At one point the expected close date was looking to be as late as Dec. 29th.  But then a mini Christmas miracle happened, allowing us to close the 23rd. Too late to do Christmas at the new place  (which turned out to be utterly fine).  But soon enough to move a few things over on the 23rd, and a few more the 25th–  “Merry Christmas, kids!  We’re putting your mattresses in the van!” And then on the 26th, the moving van rolled into our new neighborhood, and it was time to unload that beast.

Thanks to fabulous help from all our kids  (not just the ones living with us)  that entire semi truck was emptied in two hours flat.  And then the slow work began– unpacking all those boxes.  I’ve done little else in the week since Christmas.  But we’re finally winning over all those boxes, and I am just thrilled with how it is all coming together.  Here are a couple shots of our new living room….ahhhhh.

Looking from Front Door Looking from the dining areaWe had most of the kids over for Sunday dinner this week, and instead of the usual press of a mob of us all together, we actually had space to move, even after John and the grandkids dumped out alllll the Legos!  I think it will be a wonderful home for us.

I will show you more photos  soon.  But at  the moment we don’t have internet (it’s coming FRIDAY– hooray!!!  Finally!!!)  so I am very limited in my blogging time. I will call this post good for now, and plan to write much more regularly in this new year!

Oh, and here’s our whole clan on Christmas Eve!

Christmas Ostyns