How can it be almost Thanksgiving?

I wanted to show you a sample of the granite we chose for our current house’s kitchen remodel.  Our cabinets will not be quite so grand looking.  But they are a white shaker style cabinet fairly similar to the photo, and we are reusing dark drawer and door pulls very much like the ones shown, so the overall effect will be similar, I think, with the exception of the backsplash being white instead of what’s shown here.

The granite I chose




We are set to get the kitchen installed near the end of December, so I will take photos and show it to you when it is all pulled together.  It is definitely bittersweet planning a kitchen that I won’t be using, but I am hoping it will help some lucky family fall completely in love with the house, and and they will go on to enjoy it as much as we have.

We’re gaining ground on other projects around here too. We currently have an electrician in the kitchen, installing an outlet in the pantry, which will allow the microwave to be plugged in there instead of needing a dedicated cabinet in the main kitchen space.  I think that will be a nice upgrade, and a nice look, to have unbroken kitchen cabinets be facing the great room, instead of the hole in the cabinet where the microwave lives.  It also would allow the pantry to be used maybe as a baking space, where we could let the Kitchenaid live and be used right there instead of dragging it over to the other counter, or perhaps as a dedicated coffee station.  It will be a fun spot to stage for sale, because it is a sweet, appealing little space, and adds working space to the kitchen layout.

I’ve got the garage emptied and the family room bookshelves emptied. My pantry, laundry room, and master closet aren’t empty yet, but they’re much less densely filled than usual. And each day we are bringing more things to the awesome Greenhurst Mini-storage mobile unit that my dad so kindly provided us.  So nice to be getting a jump on packing, and to have a unit right at our house to fill.

I’ve been puzzling lately over Christmas, with our move scheduled to begin on December 18th. I think we will have the vast majority of our possessions delivered to the new house that weekend, and probably we will be sleeping there very soon after that point.

But in thinking about leaving this home, at Christmas time no less, I’m feeling nostalgic, as are some of the kids. We have talked about one last Christmas here, just to say goodbye to the house. Honoring that wish feels important to me. But I am also envisioning how lovely the new house will be at holidays– all that wonderful gracious entertaining space!! And if we’re already truly living at the new place, by Christmas, it might feel odd to drive back here just for the Christmas celebration.  It could work.  I am noodling around a variety of ways we could handle it…maybe an early bit of celebrating at the old house, and the main party at the new?  Just not sure what to do there….

The new house is quite fun to contemplate– the main living area is really, really big and will be wonderful for big parties.  Just for fun, here are a few photos of the front, and of the main rooms of the house.  The land is a big downsize for us– hooray for fewer weeds!!– but the house itself is good sized.

Here’s the view of the living room toward the front door which is actually only the front half of a mega-living room.

Then here’s the back half of the living room. The full length of the room is 43 feet. Crazy, huh?  But wonderful for having a couple dozen of your nearest and dearest over for dinner!




Here’s a view toward the dining room and kitchen. Fairly utilitarian, but spacious.


Then here’s the teensy tiny back yard.  I am imagining trees and little sitting areas and a whole variety of ways that others have made tiny yards, of course with much inspiration from Pinterest.


It is definitely going to be a big switch, but we are looking forward to the change and the challenge. Do look at that pinterest board if you have a minute. I never knew there were so many ways to make a tiny yard look lovely!


Now I’m off! It is my baby-girl’s 11th birthday today and there are friends to be picked up, and cake to be made, and partying to be done! Hope you are well and that you enjoy preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday.


  1. Awesome! With the ages of your youngest, having a smaller yard won’t be such a big deal. LOVE the bigger family room area. My concern would be the size of the dining room.

    Love your new house. Totally understand the Christmas thing too.

    God’s Blessings,

    • Yes, I think the huge living room will make it easy to set up a second dining table there, maybe even permanently, to make setup for company that much easier. We’ll see….!

      • It looks beautiful! My sister has a similar living room/dining area set up–she has a long dining table at one end of the living room–close to the dining area (which has a smaller table) off of the kitchen and it works beautifully. It also helps the large living room area feel a little more cozy because it kind of separates it. And when the crowd is really big (mostly at Passover) she extends the area with long folding tables.

  2. Gary Coryer says:

    Is the fence yours or the neighbor’s? Here in Vermont fences are generally less visually impacting. The yard would feel bigger if the views were more open. How “in town” are you? Do you have a google overhead shot?

    • We are at the very edge of our neighborhood, with many acres of farmland just beyond that lattice-edged fence which is the back edge of our property. I have schemes of removing the lattice to improve our view, but since that fence is also the boundary of the neighborhood, it could be that the homeowner’s association for the neighborhood might object , as the change would be visible from a main road…..we’ll see. I agree that a lower fence would improve our view of the mountains and the farmland just behind us.

  3. We have moved twice right before Christmas and both times were pretty exciting ! The last time we did some major remodeling right when we moved in and had Christmas with no kitchen, torn down wall and dust everywhere ! But we were so thankful and it does make good memories. (we also have had three babies in December -not the same years as the moves- can you tell we like busy holiday seasons ??)

  4. So exciting! I can’t wait to see the “after” photos!
    Maybe you could do Christmas Eve at your old house and Christmas Day at your new house?

    • That’s exactly what I was going to suggest. Although do you really want to decorate both places? It doesn’t seem like it would be worth trying to have a last hurrah if it isn’t decorated all festively.

      Oh my goodness, that yard is teensy!

    • What a great idea! A little bit of nostalgia mixed with the new…you could do minimal decorating at both…it would only be for one year….