The painting that never ended

I was trying to figure out today why after only one night of work I am so exhausted.  Then I realized that probably it is not just the night of work.  It is the fact that for the past five days anytime that I haven’t been scurrying around running a million errands, I’ve been painting.

I’ve painted halls and doors, the kitchen, the living room, the dining room, the entry way, and the staircase to the upstairs. For at least two days while working on the living room, I was having anxiety attacks about the grey paint not being right.  But honestly, I just kept thinking, I don’t care if I hate it. Get it done.

However, once we started getting the white trim painted, it all started coming together in a hopeful way.  The grey popped in a really nice way against the white, and it really grew on me.  I found a fun art print to put on the living room wall that does a nice job tying in the grey with the tans on the couches.  I have some new throw pillows coming.  And– oh, the glory!– after 22 years with the same green carpet, we have new carpet being installed in two weeks.

I am resisting the urge to show you photos right now in the middle because I want to show you true ‘after’ photos instead.  But it’s coming together!  Hooray!  And maybe someday I will find time to sit down and actually write again.  Are you enjoying your fall?  Do you have any fall projects in the works?

By the way, for anyone who noticed that some of my recipes weren’t working lately, that problem should now be resolved.  So print away!  But do remember you can also get a whole book full of my favorite affordable and family-friendly recipes right here: Family Feasts for $75 a Week.




  1. What shade of grey paint are you using ? Think about repainting some bedrooms this winter break in grey

    thank you


  2. Linda Sue says:

    we have found a color called Burnished Clay – Home Depot/Behr paint and really like it with bright white trim. Seems to work with earth tones as well as more of my current fave – weathered looking wood and sea glass colors. Grey is a peaceful not depressing color – as long as you stay away from too much blue in the grey. Looking forward to getting rest of our house painted the updated fresh grey/white scheme but I don’t do the painting myself and DH has more than enough on his Honey Do Lists! Sounds wonderful looking forward to the big reveal

  3. Fall projects around here are mainly outdoors…we’re going to be putting down mulch in the backyard for weed control, stacking firewood for winter, and painting the exterior of the house (hopefully!). After having a very rainy summer, it’s nice to have clear weather again for projects. I’ve also been thinking that it’s time to start some autumn baking…pumpkin bread, ginger bars, pumpkin cookies…woohoo! 🙂

    P.S. Your cookbook is the only one I use. I banished Betty Crocker after you came to live at my house. Ha! Now, my sister and multiple friends all have your cookbook and we all love it! We affectionately refer to it as “the orange cookbook”. 🙂