The wedding is THIS weekend, which means we spent Monday scurrying to find clothes for John, and shoes for Julianna, and wood for a project to beautify the reception area. In there I also managed to fit a panic attack over my clothing choice for the big day, complete with buying two other dresses that most likely I will return tomorrow since I don’t like them any better than the first one. Arg.  And double-arg because in the midst of starting a brand new job and working away from home for the first time in 17 years, I have NOT been fitting exercise in.  My loved ones assure me that I look just fine.  But the dresses (and my eyes)….they were not kind to me today.  We’re always the hardest on ourselves, aren’t we?

My dear friend texted me after seeing the dress options and said, ‘You are enough.  Slim enough, beautiful enough.  Enough.”  Just the reminder I needed, even if it did make me want to cry.

Tomorrow and Wednesday I work, and Thursday I’m finishing prepping rehearsal dinner food. Thankfully my sister’s husband is a BBQ guru and is taking care of the meat, so it will be YUMMY. We’re also doing corn on the cob and salads and sides from Costco to round out the rest of the meal.  And root beer floats.  Root beer floats are always good, right?  As long as you’re going for a down-home country-style picnic, which I am.

And lovely news– the temperature is supposed to be in the low 80’s for the actual wedding day, with (fingers crossed, knock on wood) 0% chance of rain. Soooo much nicer than the 106 degrees it was last week.  So thrilled to see Erika and Jared start their life together.  I will share pictures, eventually.  But this week is looking like a constant run of busy-ness, so this may be all you hear from me for now.

Wish us well as we celebrate!  And in case you’re like me, riddled with moments of doubt about yourself, remember who created you: the Creator of the universe who never makes mistakes. You are enough.  Really.  So celebrate!





  1. The wonderful thing about a wedding is that all eyes are on the bride and groom! You are absolutely beautiful inside and out. Your smile is your best feature so leave the dress worries behind and focus on what matters- a beautiful occasion celebrated with friends and family. And when the pictures get developed, let go of your critical eye and look just at the shining, smiling, beautiful faces!!

  2. Jillbert says:

    Mary, you are beautiful. Anyone who knows you and loves you will NOT be critiquing your size. Best wishes for a beautiful weekend ahead.

  3. Congratulations on the exciting event ahead! You are lovely and being the mother who raised this wonderful young man makes you lovelier still. Enjoy your special day! 🙂

  4. Wedding crazies here…wedding Aug 1st. I have 2 dresses and swear both make me look like I am still expecting the bride.Still trying to get the wedding music around. THANK the heavens bride networked a lot of friends and family and friends of each to pull this off without stressing me (as much ) since stress triggers what ever I have and sends me to the hospital any more.


    Blessed be