Also this week…

The bad news is, turns out this is NOT a week for frequent blogging.  Along with two full night shifts, and half a night when OB was short-staffed and I helped out for a bit,  I got to do two days of ACLS (advanced cardiac life support) certification.

The good news is  if you collapse in front of me and your heart isn’t clicking right along, I’ll go right into chest compressions, all the while hoping that the rest of the folks running into the room will remember whether your heart rhythm warrants epinephrine or dopamine or amnioderone.   I may even remember to stand clear when they get ready to juice your heart with a nice fat shock. Whew!  But an 88% is a pass, even if it’s not all perfectly cemented in there, so I’ll take it.

Also this week, I finally found a wedding dress for our youngest daughter. (Jared and Erika’s wedding is NINE days away, people!!!   🙂  )

A 10.5 year old is hard to shop for.  At least my 10 year old is!  She’s all anxious to look like a big person, and I’m feeling like, ah….this is one of my last chances to buy her a little-girl dress. But of course the dresses that looked like they were designed for a 25 year old were the ones she was drawn to, like a lemming to a cliff.   (No…….!) We were working at cross purposes for awhile there.

Jul's DressBut one of the really great things about surviving the parenting of a whole slew of teens  is that finally (despite the opinions of my 17 year old sons), I’m actually really truly becoming less of a control freak.   I did nix the pale peach formal that I was sure would have grass and/or food stains on it an hour after arriving at the big wedding– the kid still loves to run and play, after all.  But I didn’t make her choose the purely lil-girl dress, even though it matched the wedding theme PeRfEcTlY– and looked utterly precious.  Sigh…..sniff…  And her second-best choice turned out to be my second-favorite also.  So that was a compromise I could live with and she looks stunning in it, even if a lil more grown than I would prefer.  (Sigh.)

In other news, wedding planning is in full swing.  On the agenda for this afternoon is the testing of the Christmas lights so that the shaded area where the reception is to be held will be properly awash in twinkle.  Wish me luck to find (hopefully) a few that actually work.  Because buying Christmas lights in July is ridiculously spendy.  Also, if you happen to live in these parts and have some good lights you’d be inclined to loan, I’d love ya forever.  I’d even label them with your name and come pick them up from your house.  And return them to you in a week or two or six.  Definitely before November, anyhow.

Today we’re having fir fir for lunch, which is a delightfully spicy Ethiopian dish comprised of injera, butter, onions, shiro and LOTS of berbere. Spicy fabulousness……  I am absolutely LOVING the fact that Boise now has an Ethiopian restaurant —Kibrom’s— yummy!!!

Green Eggs!Also today we got these!!!  Our spring chickens have already started laying eggs, and finally, finally, after years of wishing for eggs in Easter-egg colors, we have them! The type of chicks we got are Araucanas.    We got 20, and it’s looking like only 4 of them are roosters.  So between the new hens and our 7 old hens, we should be utterly swimming in fresh eggs.   Such fun.  I’m really surprised they are already laying– I was totally psyched to wait til fall.  And aren’t those baby eggs cute?  Once the hens have matured a bit more, the eggs will get a little larger, tho this breed does not lay really big eggs.

That’s about it from here.  In a few days I’m planning on posting my mom’s fabulous gluten free bread recipe, so stay tuned!





  1. You are so funny!! I love your sense of humor. 😀

    Congratulations on the passing score! I’ll keep you in mind next time I’m having the urge to faint. 😉