Barstools for every budget

Can you believe it– a 3rd post in one week??  I think this part time work is agreeing with my blog!  The other day I was on Pinterest and got fixated on bar stools, and in the process I found so many fun style that I thought it’d be fun to share my finds here. Some of them are a little on the spendy end of life, but there are several budget options including one that (believe it or not) you can make yourself.

This first one is probably completely impractical– I don’t even know where you’d find truck springs that big–but I love, love, love the beefy look and the style!

truck springs

These next two are from Pottery Barn and at $200-$300 each they are a lot more than I’d like to spend. I also don’t like to imagine the havoc a toddler could make on these seats with a peanut butter sandwich.  Yikes.  But oh, so pretty.

Pottery Barn, backless

Pottery Barn, with backrest









DIY Industrial Pipe StoolsHere’s that DIY stool project— I think it is super fun, and if you buy the parts at, the total cost per stool is somewhere around $60.  I love the fun steampunk look, though I would probably stain the wood top a darker color, and use a metal floor flange for the feet instead of the knob end.  You could even bolt them to the floor that way if you wanted to.

This next stool is from World Market and gets tons of rave reviews on the website– always a good sign.  I like the nice broad base– looks sturdy enough even for energetic children.World Market stool  It looks like it would be fairly adjustable height-wise too. At $119 each, these stools are mid-range cost-wise, but after spending 10 minutes reading the reviews, I felt ready to buy anyway. People love these things.

The stools below are from  They’re $89.99 for a pair.  Look at all the colors they come in! I love the idea of popping some bright green ones into an otherwise neutral kitchen.


b7These barstools are available on amazon.  At $63 a pair they’re super affordable and also highly reviewed.  (Amazon reviews are sooo helpful!)  I like the textured seats and the fact that many reviewers mentioned that they were comfortable and stable for little children.

And finally, if you have some old bar stools that you’d like to repurpose, be sure to check out these tutorials for remaking barstools into night stands or side tables.  What neat ideas, eh?



  1. Timely post as I’ve been looking at barstools. I love the steampunk ones too and the brightly colored. We have a raised bar edge on our counter thought so I have to figure out what height stools I would even need. Or if I need them at all.

  2. vcrouch says:

    Oh I love the brightly colored ones! That pop of color would go a long way!