Night owl again

Friday and Saturday were my first two night shifts. The first night went pretty well, though I was tired, and also discouraged to see that EVERYONE on night shift is yawning often by 4 AM, no matter how seasoned they are to night shift. Bah. I guess I had hoped it was possible to not be tired…?

Saturday morning I slept from 8 til 1, and then it was time to rush off to my soon-to-be daughter-in-law’s wedding shower. Somehow by the time I got out the door I’d spilled some of the fruit we’d prepared right on the floor, AND forgot to put mascara one eye. Luckily we’d done tons of fruit so the little I spilled was not missed, and there was a Walgreen’s on the way where I hastily bought and dabbed on mascara so that my eyes matched.

And the shower was an utter and complete delight. Truly.  Such a sweet time.

Driving home I realized I had a migraine due no doubt to lack of sleep. And so there was a stop at yet another convenience store, this time for Advil and coffee. And by the time we got home, it was exactly one hour til I had to leave for work. So I lay down and closed my eyes for half an hour. And then I got up and ate dinner with my family. And off I went to work again, headache subsided and by the grace of God somehow ready to carry on.

The first half of the night was quiet on the labor unit, which made the hours drag a bit, but I found some busy work, and even in the slowness could tell I was less tired than I had been the first night. And around 2AM, in came a momma in labor– hooray, hooray!!– and the last 5 hours of the night flew by. They were fun, even.

And then Sunday I managed to sleep til 2:30 in the afternoon, thanks to loud fans and room-darkening shades– ah the bliss!

My next nights to work are Wednesday and Thursday.  And judging by the difference between how the first and second nights felt to me, I’m thinking that this will be a lot better if I turn into a night owl again, even on my days off.  In the very early days of my blog, I’d routinely stay up til 2 or even sometimes 3, writing, then sleep til 9 or 10 in the morning.  So I think I may try to get back into that habit.  It’s 1 now as I write this, and tomorrow morning is quiet enough that I should be able to sleep til 10.  I think if I sleep that way Wednesday morning too, maybe the all-nighter Wednesday night will be less of a shock.  I’m yawning now as I type this— we’ll see how it all works! But we’ll give it a shot!  And hey, maybe I’ll even find some late night blogging time again!

This evening I am also excited to be booking a guest house for our stay in Ethiopia in August– at least the nights we’ll be in Addis.  It’s a 16 day trip altogether, and along with some time in Addis, which is the capitol city, we are planning to visit two outlying areas, which are each a 7-8 hour drive away from Addis in different directions.  This means that of the 16 days we’ll be gone, we will be spending 7 traveling, either by plane or car.  It will be an adventure!

In still other news, we are planning another 4th of July barbecue with our kids this weekend, featuring lots of water games as usual.  The grandbabies are big enough now to also participate in some simple games, so that should be really fun.   If you are looking for ideas for a bash of your own, here are some posts featuring previous years’ festivities: 2014 |  2013 | 2010.  Goodness, how have my kids gotten so grown??

Here’s hoping all is well with you!



  1. Hubby works 3rd for almost 30 yrs…he still yawns around 4 am when not busy.MOVING ..that seems to be the key. He said he struggles to not fall asleep over paperwork at that time so he makes sure he is walking the floor or doing something that has him up and moving.

    He runs 3rd shift hours even when off. I did also when I worked 3rd

  2. Lee Ann says:

    Night shifts were so hard for me! But then I rarely stay up past 10. I am NOT a night owl 🙂 2-4 were the hardest hours for me. It seemed for me that things usually picked up around 4 and stayed busy those last couple of hours. And for a while I had an hour drive home and I have no idea how I did that. I do remember we used to drink the powdered chicken broth, full of sodium, and drink lots of water. If my bladder was full and I had to “go” all the way home, I couldn’t get too drowsy 🙂 Oh the things we learn in life. I also rarely slept past noon but would try to take another short nap before I left for work. I can still feel the ways my eyes burned and my stomach was nauseous all those nights. You are much more of a night owl so hoping things are easier for you once you find your rhythm.

  3. I can relate. It’s Ramadan and we are often up partying with friends (or being at the ER till 3 a.m., as we were this week after Donn’s very minor car accident. I think they only had one dr on, cuz it was a crazy long wait for everyone). I’m finding I stay up late even on the nights we don’t see friends, and it’s helping me sleep late and fit into the pattern better. Of course this is just for one month, but still. 🙂