Modcloth and pizza

Today I went to the first of two days of the Idaho homeschool convention– presented two of my three sessions, and ended up really enjoying the day.  Always during the days right before such an event, I worry-wart about how it will all go.  But all went well and I had lots of really nice conversations with people. It was extra fun because today I was talking about homeschooling AND adoption, so the people who showed up were ones that I had tons in common with, and (hopefully) could be a good encouragement to.

When I got home from the conference this evening, there was a lovely big box from Modcloth. Lidya and Zeytuna have been asked to be bridesmaids in big brother Jared’s wedding next month, and both they and I have been dreading the hunt for just the right dress.  The only stipulation is that it be navy and knee length, but we all have been imagining traipsing from store to store looking and looking and not finding anything that they (ok, and I) like.. So we’ve been putting it off.  Finally we talked it over and decided to just order several options all at once on Modcloth, let the girls try them on at home, and hope for the best.  One evening last week Lidya and I sat down and found four dresses that looked possible, and ordered all four. Conveniently the girls are the same size, so they could each try all four.  And lo and behold, this evening they each found something they liked.  Hooray.  I adore internet shopping, especially when it works that well.  I will return the ones they don’t want next week.  Now all we have to do is find them sandals, which I think should be way easier than dresses.  I hope.

Because pizza is always a winner

In other news, lately I have been cooking so infrequently that last night Ben came home from work at Dominoes with four pizzas, and methodically loaded most of the slices into a big leftover container that he then stuck into the fridge.  Apparently his mother can lo longer be counted on to feed him.  Poor boy.  In my defense, there has been food in the house.  It just mostly consists of peanut butter, cheese sticks and ingredients that require actual cooking effort.  But I start in to part time work on the 14th, which should be much better for the food situation, especially since I can be home for dinner even on the nights that I work.  I can’t say I’ve missed cooking.  But the kids have certainly missed my cooking.  And I have been pinning a few more pressure cooker recipes lately, so maybe there’s hope.

Also Ben-related, he has just been made a manager at Dominoes, which I think is pretty darned good for a kid who just turned 17.  🙂

That’s all I have for now.  Except if you’re now craving pizza, here’s our recipe for the actual homemade kind.  Have a great weekend!



  1. Awesome on all counts, but especially yay for Ben!!! 🙂

  2. Melissa says:

    So glad you found the dresses…I don’t like wedding for this very reason – the shopping for the right outfit. Best wishes on the shoes!

  3. Becky D. says:

    I’m sure you’ll share some wedding photos with us so we can see everyone’s great dresses. Ben sounds like a resourceful hard working young man. Is he willing to share those pizzas or did he just plan his meals for the week? I would have loved to hear you speak at the conferences unfortunately I’m in Ohio. We’re getting ready to do a mini vacation to see family and attend a homeschool conference. One of the speakers is a dad who talks about their journey as foster/adopt parents. I’m hoping my husband can get to listen to that talk. We have a 3 yr old who we will have to trade off with to listen to the talks.

  4. Ruth Hansen says:

    So glad you found dresses for the wedding – may the rest of your wedding preparations go just as smoothly. 🙂 Thanks for the pizza recipe.