Well, John has the pool going and swimming has begun, so it must officially be summer.  This week my experience of summer has been in tantalizing little whiffs of freshness as I come in and out of the hospital morning and evening.  Soon, the night shifts begin, which thought has me anxious now and then– tho not when Jared (23) laughs easily and reminds me of what a night owl I am.  It’ll be fine.

And–hooray!  I’m getting the hang of being circulating nurse for c-sections.  Not perfect at it yet, but I’d say I know what I should be doing a good 85% of the time, which is a 100% improvement over my prowess a month ago.

A couple weeks a very sad thing happened to my Fitbit.  It is the kind that clips onto a bra strap, which probably gives you an immediate guess about what happened, right?  Yes, through the wash it went.

After looking at various options, I decided to replace it with the Fitbit Charge — I am looking forward to seeing how it works. In an average day at work, I put in a good 3 miles, and just wearing a gadget makes me more inclined to go the extra mile, literally.

Off to bed.  Tomorrow is another busy day!  Run anything interesting through the wash at your house lately?




  1. Tossed a load of wash in yesterday morning and didn’t do anything with it until I got a text at noon warning of a check in the pocket of the work pants. That money definitely didn’t survive laundering. :p (bad me for not checking pockets!!)
    Fortunately the writer of said check is easy to get along with and it shouldn’t be a problem to get it rewritten.

  2. I washed a charging cable to Israel’s running watch….luckily he said it didn’t matter since it was just wires, buuut, it stil leaves with that little sinking sensation of oops.

    Oh and diapers are very bad to wash. Very bad. Blech.

  3. A peanut butter packet in my son’s pocket from the restaurant’s breakfast bar.
    (He was told that whatever was on our table would be discarded, open or not, and he wanted to avoid waste…good boy he is)

  4. I recently washed a roll of washi tape by accident. Surprisingly, it survived the wash, though the cardboard insert in the middle didn’t. I happened to have an empty Scotch tape insert handy, so I just re-rolled the washi tape onto it.

    On a similar note…I just made a laundry reminder chart for my kiddos. It has words and pictures to be useful to readers and pre-readers alike. The four reminders are: buttons buttoned and zippers zipped, empty pockets, turned inside out and socks un-bunched, and in the laundry basket (yes, they still need to be reminded about that last one!). 🙂

  5. My son works as a busser at a local restaurant and they give crayons to the kids. He recently threw a pair of his work shorts into the laundry and missed a green crayon that was still in the pocket. Went through the wash fine, dryer not so much! My first hint was as I was pulling out the load from the dryer and finding his socks and underwear with little green flecks of color all over them and then on most of the clothing.

    Well after treating all the stains, which took forever, and 2 runs through the washer I got most all of the stains out. I found that the specialty cleaner I had that was for crayon stains didn’t do all that great a job but what did work is GOOP hand cleaner which is what I use for grease stains. It worked like a charm and took out all the green. Well except for on the pair of underwear and socks. I decided they could stay like they were because I wasn’t worrying about something that no one sees and also maybe it would remind him to check his pockets going forward.