Weekend happenings

First off, I wanted to mention that I’ll be speaking at the CHOIS homeschooling convention next weekend, on Friday about adoption and the homeschooling family, and on Saturday about joy in the journey. Friday I’m moderating a discussion time about the decision to adopt.  I would love for any adopting homeschoolers in the Treasure Valley to come join the conversation!  Or stop in and say hi at my book table in the vender hall– I’ll be there both Friday and Saturday.

Yesterday I zipped over to the DMV with my girls to get Lidya’s new car registered, and (I was hoping) Zeytuna’s driving test.  Except it turns out that the DMV has recently changed its rules about foreign-born adoptees, and we didn’t have quite all the paperwork needed to prove that she is a citizen.  Nevermind that I’d already given them copies of her birth certificate and adoption decree clearly showing she’d been adopted by US citizens. Nevermind that there are many websites that clearly tell that children in her situation ARE already citizens.   We were refused and will be going back another day with even more paperwork.  Bah.

Tomorrow we’re planning a graduation party in the park for Ry, our unofficial 11th kid.  It’s supposed to be 93–whew– so I am planning on lots of watermelon, ice and lemonaid to go with the hot dogs.  Should be fun!  Bless him for suggesting the park as a good party location– our yard is NOT company-ready.

I feel like the busy-ness of life lately has been catching up with me.  My full time orientation stretched a bit longer than I first thought it would, but there are only two weeks left, which I think will be really good. I keep feeling like little things are sliding through the cracks, and we’re definitely eating a lot more fast food and easy stuff than usual.  It will be good to be down to two days a week, and hopefully the night shift thing will work well too.  (We’ll see!)

What do you have going this week?  Any fun plans this summer?



  1. Sounds like a busy weekend! My oldest is graduating today so we have that, plus his party afterwards. The DMV can be a little crazy….

  2. Our weekend plans consisted of our youngest son graduating from high school Friday morning and then getting him ready to leave to go to the ocean Saturday morning for Senior Week. I took a long, much needed nap on Saturday afternoon.

    Now I am starting the project for the week- cleaning his room and then doing a room makeover. Painting his walls, cleaning the carpet and making new window treatments and bedding are all on the project list. Cleaning under his bed will take me quite awhile! I took off work tomorrow so that I can hopefully get the walls prepped and painted- University of Tennessee Orange! He will be going away in August for school and I want him to really enjoy his room while he is still here and for when he comes back on breaks.

  3. Brooke R. says:

    The DMV is stupid. I had to take both my passport AND social security card.. *roll eyes* The passport qualifies me as a citizen as I enter and leave the country, why is it alone not good enough for the DMV?