Wednesday night ramblings

This evening I made a nice stew for dinner in my pressure cooker something along the lines of this, except I did it in the pressure cooker (in half an hour) instead of the slow cooker all day.   Also  I used about 2/3 white potatoes and 1/3 sweet. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. Hopefully the author of this blog will forgive the flagrant piracy of her photo, since I am sending you to see the recipe at her site.  (Go see it!)

sweet-potato-korma-wmI cannot even explain how much I love my job helping women have babies. The challenge. The patients who need extra TLC.  The nurses I work with and who are so graciously helping me learn. (Even with the occasional, “Chop, chop!” to hurry me along when I’m going a bit too slowly. 🙂 )  The new things to learn.  The knowledge that this job makes a difference in womens’ lives. The feeling that if I just hang in there that soon I could actually be good at this. Ahh. LOVE it.

Tuesday was a tremendously challenging day and when I got home there were two thoughts running through my head.
1. I’m so tired, and so glad to be home.
2. I’m so glad I get to go back to work Thursday.

Weird and cool, huh?

I was so encouraged to read all your comments about the vacation house dream. I hemmed and hawed so many times before sharing it with you because- oh my! — it feels like a crazy big extravagant thing. So your comments and encouragement meant a lot. Then this evening I read a quote from a NYC businessman. Something along the lines of: “Dream bigger. Because no one else is going to do it for you.”  Yeah.  That.

Meanwhile the raising-teens roller coast continues.  Sunday evening I was in my robe on the front porch waiting for a kid to get home.  Arg.  Thankfully the arrival was safe, if late, and we survived yet another bit of drama.  On the fun side, another teen just today purchased a first car.  After literally months of looking, she was thrilled  to find a very cute PT Cruiser in her price range.  Here’s hoping it doesn’t have too much wrong with it mechanically.

That’s about it from here…will get a pix of the new car and hopefully its owner in a day or two to share.  🙂

Hope the rest of your week is great!

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  1. You sound like a great nurse to have in labor and delivery! Keep up with the blogging whenever you could, I really enjoy seeing your updates.
    God bless!