Good pressure cooker recipes?

pressure cookerMany years ago I inherited a pressure canner from John’s grandmother.  It made a great boiling water bath canner, but since it was so very elderly, I honestly didn’t feel comfortable using it as a pressure cooker.   Recently I’ve been hearing about the more modern pressure cookers, and how quickly you can get a meal to the table with them.  I did a little investigating, saved up some amazon credits and ended up purchasing this pressure cooker.

Now I’m on the hunt for good recipes to try in my new gadget.  I’ve pinned a few on Pinterest so far.  The mac and cheese one was fabulous!  But I’d love some more ideas and suggestions.  Do you have a pressure cooker?  What do you most like to cook in it?

Work is going well– actually, I LOVE it– and the kids continue to do well with the transition, but between work and home and school and various recertifications, I am lucky to get my email read most days, let alone do much here.  (Sorry!!!) My full-time work has been slightly extended  (through mid-June) to give me some needed experience assisting with c-sections.  But I’ll have a bit more time after that, and get back to checking in more often. This afternoon I am getting certified in neonatal resuscitation– wish me luck!  If you’re curious, here are a few brief video clips highlighting some of what I’ve been studying.

One other little note:  if you’ve hunted for a recipe here lately, you may have noticed that some of them are missing.  I just migrated my blog to another server and in the process seem to have lost some of the recipes. (Boohiss…)  My bloggy expert is on the job and will hopefully find those lost recipes. But if not, I’ll gradually try to work on restoring them.  Thanks for your patience.  Thanks, as always, for checking in. And also keep in mind that some of those missing recipes can be found in my cookbook, Family Feasts.  Hope you’re enjoying your spring!


  1. here’s one I just saved, haven’t tried it yet but looks pretty good/easy

  2. My mom always made porcupine meatballs…and if you google it there are a multitude of recipes for them! I just mix longrain rice with hamburger and salt and pepper and make meatballs. Then use whatever tomato base I have handy to cover them in the pressure cooker. The rice pops out of the meatballs when cooked and they are really juicy!

    • Sherry Blair says:

      I grew up with my mom using an electric pressure cooker—I only remember her making two items in it. One was her version of Swiss steak, which was basically just round steak and gravy (but boy! oh boy! is it good!). The other is the porcupine meatballs—LOVE IT! When I got married, I was gifted a pressure cooker by my mom and used it for just those two recipes. Definitely try the porcupine meatballs@

  3. “I am lucky to get my email read most days, let alone do much here.” That’s been my life for the past 5 years or so, so I definitely feel for you! No suggestions for pressure cooking, though. My only experience with one is when I was a kid, and mom asked me to put the corned beef in the cooker. I did not know she had an actual corned beef in the fridge, the only corned beef I was familiar with was a can of hash, so I pressure cooked a can of corned beef hash. No idea what we ended up eating for dinner that night once mom realized it wasn’t going to be corned beef. 🙂 I remember the weights on top jiggling and it whistling when done when mom used it but don’t know what she cooked in it.

  4. I know I’m late to this particular party … but I read this recently

    and although I haven’t tried it, she’s never led me wrong before.