Frugal Friday

Last week I spent four days in Seattle with John, which was fun, of course.  But meals out and rental cars and bits of shopping all add up.  It was good to get back home where money doesn’t leak away quite as fast.

On my table this week



  • I bought some spring flowers and planted them in containers that I already had for some spring color on the table.  Also found just the right color in a scrap of fabric for a bit of a table runner.  I love doing different things on the table from month to month.
  • This week I found several types of produce for reasonable prices, including pears, sweet peppers,  and apples.
  • Looking through my pantry, I’m realizing I need to serve pickles and applesauce more often, since we still have lots of both.
  • I found the boys shirts that they like, on clearance, again at Fred Meyers.
  • I returned a couple boxes of markers that turned out to be dry, brand-new.
  • I remembered to print a 10-pg tutorial for a kid in ‘draft’ quality to use less ink.
  • I combined a bunch of errands Tuesday evening to save on gas.
  • I went and did a consumer survey-thing at Hewlett Packard  (critiquing their website in a guided way) which earned me $100 for 2 hours of work.  Not bad.  And actually kind of fun.
  • When the Keurig broke, we resisted the urge to buy a new one (refills are spendy, and so is a new Keurig) and instead just brought the old coffee maker back inside from where it had been sitting in the garage. I figure every week we resist the urge to buy a new one, we’re probably saving $8 or so in refills alone.
  • My hipster son finally managed to find glasses he LIKED at the Walmart optical center for quite a reasonable cost.
  • I’m going thrifting this afternoon with a 20% off coupon.  Sweet.


  • We got home from Seattle at around 1AM Sunday morning, but still wanted to have our kids over for dinner.  Since I was pretty tired, we went for   takeout pizza instead of something homemade.
  • I bought a new blouse (on clearance) that I probably didn’t really need.  Clothes are my Achilles heel.
  • I brought our four youngest girls to see The Drop Box (which was excellent) and also splurged on a quick meal of Ethiopian food before the movie.  Lots of fun, but it made for a spendy week in the entertainment budget.
  • And finally, a bit of gratuitous grandbaby darlingness.Wilona1



  1. What did your girls think of the movie? I saw it on Tuesday.

    • My 10 year old thought the captions went by a bit fast for her to keep up with, but other than that, I think they all liked it, and were very engrossed in the story line. (They are 10,12,17, and 19.) We had lots to talk about on the way home. It was I think very meaningful for adoptees to hear some of the reasons a birth mom might feel forced to make an adoption plan for her child. And we all thought the story at the end about the producer of the movie was just awesome. (I won’t put a spoiler here since maybe some haven’t seen it.)

  2. Wow, how do you sign up for that Hewlett Packard thing?

    • I think my sister recommended me? Not sure how people usually get signed up, but if they ask me again, I will find out.

  3. Huh, I always forget about frugality in things like printing. I actually have my default print settings to do b/w, draft mode, and 2 pages per sheet, double-sided print. That saves both ink and paper. If I need to print something I need to give to someone, I change it back to normal page view print, but I still pretty much always print in draft mode. I can hardly tell the difference in the print, so I save ink. I’ve been doing that for years, so I don’t even think about it any more.

    Then again, on the not-so-frugal side, I was so much not using the blue ink (it’s a 4-color printer) that the print head dried out and clogged. In attempting to flush it out this week, I broke a little piece off which resulted in having to replace the print head. Yippee for that $65.

  4. ~Made potato soup (twice) from some potatoes that were sprouting. Took a quart of it to an older couple from church that have been having some health challenges.
    ~Stopped in the Lutheran MS thrift store and everything was half off. Bought 2 old wooden spoons, 5 pillowcases, 2 current magazines, 2 matching ceramic flower pots, a decorating book and a fabulous book on preserving from the UK. All for less than 6 dollars. They also had 2 cases of Krusteasz icing mix, the restaurant size boxes, for free Si I brought one box home. Cupcakes anyone?
    ~Got 4 packages of rice, 2 packages of snack crackers and juice free with coupons. Also got 6 boxes of Constant Comment tea for 62¢ a box at Safeway with ForU offer and printable coupons that were doubled.
    ~Bought a small freezer off Craigslist for $50. It is only a few years old and people were selling it since they are now empty nesters.
    ~Pressure canned chicken broth for the first time. Next up is black beans.

  5. You can get reusable baskets for the keurig that you can fill with any ground coffee of your choice. This has worked out great for my husband who has one in his office.

    • Linda Sue says:

      You are absolutely right and then one gets to both enjoy the advantages of Keurig (one hot cup of something at a time) and frugal pat on back. Yes they are pricey – last one I bought I used one of those 20% off coupons from Bed Bath and Beyond – they send them out periodically and used wisely – I manage to get some “treats” for reasonable to me prices.

  6. I really enjoy Frugal Friday 🙂 Anne at Modern Mrs. Darcy got me hooked on the Aeropress. It’s $25 and allows you to brew a killer cup of coffee one cup at a time. Best of all, it fits in a drawer and uses your regular drip grind coffee. I consider it a VERY frugal and realistic option to replace the Keurig. Because of the brewing process you can also make iced coffee that is out of this world.