Why Pinterest works for me

I’ve heard a lot of people groaning over Pinterest because it makes them dissatisfied with what they have.  I understand that feeling–I’m most likely to be tempted when it comes to cute clothes. But in general I use Pinterest simply as a tool.  I think it excels as a springboard for creative thinking. Whether I’m trying to find a new use for chicken breasts, or a way to accessorize a jacket that I already own, or am seeking just the right paint color for a bedroom, Pinterest is there with tons of beautiful photos and brilliant ideas for doing the very thing that I’m attempting.

endless dish soap

Thanks to Pinterest, I know the very best GF banana bread recipe.  As of a few weeks ago, I am the happy owner of an almost-bottomless dish soap dispenser. I’ve got some great smoothie recipes. My hubby made me a great permanently-mounted baby gate for the bottom of my stairs–I’ll get you a photo once it’s painted. And what girl wouldn’t love this sparkly use for those Christmas lights that we  all just peeled off our Christmas trees?

What do you think?  Have you found it possible to use Pinterest for good, or do you avoid it to keep your longings in check?



  1. I don’t struggle with feeling discontent when using Pinterest. I find it to be a great tool for schooling resources, meal planning, photography inspiration and countless other things. I really like that everything is in one location too.

  2. Jenn Hansen says:

    I love Pinterest! It is fun to pin dream home ideas and outfits that I will never afford. But i don’t dwell on those. I find wonderful resources for our preschool co-op, great organizational ideas, and my husband loves it for ideas for his garden.

    It all comes down to your mentality. If you spend your life comparing where you ate and what you have with an ideal it will depress you, but if you learn to find joy and satisfaction with your life as it is now then you can just enjoy the plethora of creativity on Pinterest.

  3. I am a Pinterest avoider. I don’t feel discontented with what I have but with who I am — that I am not creative enough, not productive enough, kind of a bad parent, and so on. Mostly I know that is not true, but knowing that susceptibility, I avoid Pinterest and instead seek out ideas when I need them for whatever purpose is at hand.

  4. I feel the same way. I use it as a tool by pinning ideas I want to save. They used to get lost in my email. I use it for looking for specific things as well but don’t enjoy looking at it “just to.”

  5. I completely agree! Love the creativity and inspiration it provides. And, I just plain LOVE looking at pretty pictures! My recent find was the tub cleaner recipe. Tried it this weekend and it totally worked in my shower!!! Great post! Thanks, Mary!


  6. Oh, I love pinterest for the same reasons. When I need an idea boost, that’s where i go! And at the same time, there are sometimes weeks between my visits 🙂

  7. Its become the perfect spot to store all those recipes I’d book marked (and then never made). Being visual, its a great way to quickly look for ideas. I love having the recipes sorted by seasons/types so when I need ideas for something new, I can go back to remember/use ones that looked good in the past. I love using it for homeschooling now. I Have a list of books to read that I pull up at the library, when i’m trying to remember what books sounded good. 🙂 I love it. I have found tweeking who/what I follow helps. I mainly see food/school stuff now, I’m not seeing endless pictures of amazing houses/crafts I’ll never do. 🙂

  8. Jess Guest says:

    Love it. It’s summer here in Australia and I’m planning school. I have a board for each week of school. If I have a youtube clip, website etc. that is relevant for each week, I just pin it. The kids can check it out when they get to that week. DH and I are renovating so it’s invaluable to keep track of ideas. I pin ideas for my daughter’s therapies. DH and I have a private board where we pin funny things or things we want each other to see or love notes. When my little girl was a baby she was in hospital a lot and I spent HOURS hooked up to a breast pump. I pinned ideas to stop myself going insane and to remind myself that we would be doing other things one day (so I have thousands of pins). I don’t tend to get discontent, just inspired.

  9. Thanks for saying this. There are so many posts out there about how Pinterest makes people feel bad and facebook makes people feel bad so it is refreshing to get the opposite. I use it the same way you do. When I need ideas, I go hunting on pinterest! We all have different talents and struggles and for me Pinterest helps me find the things I need, and save them, and find them again, so much faster!

  10. I love Pinterest and have found it to be a GREAT organizational tool for me. It is my first go to when I sit down to do my meal planning/ grocery listing. I also use it to find and organize knitting patterns, homeschooling ideas, among oodles of other things. I personally don’t struggle with discontent when I browse Pinterest, but I do know some women who do. Honestly, it has made my life easier and more organized 🙂

  11. I avoid Pintrest. Not because I worry about feeling discontented, but because I cannot afford the time-sink. I would love it in a bad way I think – I know so many people that are on there for hours every week, looking up things they (really) don’t need. I need to spend more time making eye-contact with my kids. So no Facebook or Pinterest for me!

  12. Kim Hamilton says:

    I love to use Pinterest – it is a great source of ideas. I also use it to collect things I see on the internet and want to save for later – particularly recipes and craft instructions.

  13. ginny jolin says:

    I love it! I read it every morning for 15 minutes while I drink my “wake-up” cup of coffee.

  14. I loved Pinterest when it first came out. I pinned every good idea that I wanted to reference later. I still go to those boards now when I am looking for something the kids can make for a gift, or activities for a rainy day, etc.

    But my internet in THailand is so much slower that I’ve stopped using it to pin things because it takes so much time. Instead I use pocket to keep track of webpages, both that I want to read, and that I want to refer to later.

  15. LOL!! Yes, Pinterest can be a dark hole. But I love it. I go on there for style ideas ALL the time now. It doesn’t make me dissatisfied. I just make it work with what I’ve got. But I don’t spend inordinate amounts of time on there. I go on and search for what I want, and then move along. thanks for linking to my banana bread recipe!!

  16. I love Pinterest! It was a huge time-suck to me when it first came out, but I use it more like a tool now. It’s my first stop to get new recipes.

  17. I do like Pinterest and I use it a lot. It’s my go -to when i need a recipe or I’m in a fix and need someone else’s idea. I don’t spend a ton of time there… I just get what i need and carry on.