Frugal Friday

Lotsa candles!

Lotsa candles!

It’s almost Christmas! I’ve been wrapping like crazy and still have a tiny dab of shopping to do for a few folks that I’m feeling clueless about, but I’m getting there. We also got another birthday celebrated — hard to believe, but our oldest son is now 23.  Happy birthday, Jared!

Here are some quick frugal highlights this week.

  • I returned something that we’ve never used and got a nice chunk of store credit to help with Christmas shopping.
  • I used a $10 off $10 or more coupon from JCPenney to help with more Christmas shopping.
  • I’ve been wrapping all our gifts with wrapping paper that I bought last year on fabulous sales. I’m nearing the end of wrapping and still have lots of paper left.  I’ve also been using bags that we saved from other years.  Every bit helps!
  • I stocked up on butter since it is currently on pretty decent Christmas-baking sales.  Ditto on chocolate chips.  And potatoes.  Hooray for sales.
  • I bought a bunch of dry goods in bulk at Winco and after emptying the various flours, etc, into proper containers, I saved all the bags to use for other purposes.
  • I’m working hard to use up a Costco size bag of spinach so it won’t go to waste.  Might need to puree and freeze a bit of it so we can add it to smoothies later– that bag is huge, and I think the last time I bought one that size, we were feeding more people on a regular basis!
  • Lidya got a mega-ham as a Christmas gift from her employer— 18 pounds!  She promptly gifted it to me, and I’ve so far made at least 3 meals from it– one ham dinner for everyone, a ham and split pea soup, and a stir fry with ham and veggies.  The last of the ham went in the freezer to use a bit later.  What a nice gift.
  • I’ve been enjoying filling up the gas tanks on the vehicles with the lower gas prices.  Perfect timing with all the Christmas erranding.  It would sure be nice if those prices stayed down for awhile.

I’ll check in next week to share our Christmas photo, but other than that you may not hear much from me til after the new year.  Hope your Christmas is wonderful!


  1. I always buy wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift tags, etc on Dec 26. Apparently I didn’t buy enough last year because I ran out of wrapping paper before everything was wrapped. Kind of bummed that I now have to pay full price for a roll of paper 🙂

  2. Crissy Stokes says:

    Hello! We have four bio kids and we are adopting two boys from foster care. They are six and nine. My dear friend Jen Summers gifted me with a copy of your new book, which I devoured! I just ordered your other two books and wanted to say thank you for your blog and the encouragement in your book. We ordered our first set of Dutch Blitz cards

  3. I love spinach, but my kids are kind of iffy about it, so I tend to add it to all sorts of foods they already love, like pizza (I put it between the sauce and the cheese so it doesn’t get dried out–and they are less likely to try to pick it off), pesto (in addition to or instead of the basil), smoothies, spaghetti sauce, chili, chicken soup, turkey burgers, omelets. I’ve even added a bit to savory muffins (like bacon cheddar or caramelized onion) just for fun.

  4. I put the costco bag of spinach straight into the freezer if I have too much. Then I crunch the frozen leaves and it’s like chopped spinach for soups and lasagna, etc…

  5. I think im chiming in late ;). This jcpenney coupons are awesome aren’t they? Im also big on entering contests to stretch our budget. I unexpectedly won tickets to the last Packer game which my dh loved 😉 for his Christmas gift. I also love swagbucks to redeem for amazon gift cards which was a big help as well.