Frugality this week


  • The flowers above are from my sweet mother in law to celebrate the launch of Forever Mom.  (Hope you’re not too, too sick of hearing about it! 🙂  )  Very sweet of her to help me celebrate!  We are enjoying the prettiness of the flowers on our table.
  • I did finally get around to canning grape juice– we did about 20 quarts.  That will be good either to drink as juice at breakfast or to make into jelly later in the winter when our jam stash is diminished.
  • I found chicken thighs on sale for 99 cents/lb.  I used some as a meal with rice, some in chicken and rice soup, and some in a stir fry. I like to cook them in a crock pot slowly with some water, which makes them quite tender and then also nets me some chicken broth to use for soup.
  • I made corn cakes this week that turned out yummy, and served them alongside a lime cilantro slaw that nicely complimented that corn cakes.  The recipe was pretty much the same as this recipe except I used gluten free flour mix instead of regular flour. FallCornCakes
  • I also made a chicken skillet pot pie this week with a biscuit topping and lots of garden veggies. (I have LOTS of cabbage and sweet peppers right now.)  Pot pie always feels like a treat, but it is actually very affordable to make.
  • I made some more homemade spaghetti sauce the oven-baked way.  It turns out so good that way, and gets very rich and thick.
  • The girls and I chopped some sweet peppers to go in the freezer.  They’re so lovely fresh that it feels like a shame to freeze them.  But we simply had too many to use quickly enough, so after using lots in stir fry, fresh on sandwiches, and in pot pie, into the freezer the rest of them went.  I’m relieved to be finally getting the excess produce cleared off my kitchen counters.  Though the abundance is a gift, the clutter and the knowledge that I need to do something about it gets to me after awhile.



  • Salsa was another thing we got done this week, finally.  Super spicy this year!  I was glad to use most of the last of the tomatoes, but then John brought more in from the garden, so we still have a basket full ripening on the counter.  We still haven’t had a hard frost, which is really unusual around here.  Lots of time the garden is completely done by the second week of October, and here it is, almost November.
  • I was in the mood for some more fall decor, and so instead of buying something, I found some Christmas lights that actually still worked– hooray! — and twined them in with several fall-leaf garlands that I’d bought earlier this month on a 40% off clearance.  It looked pretty and saved me a trip to the store. We also spread pumpkins around on our front porch from the garden.  No big ones this year, but lots of medium and smaller ones.  We’ll be making pumpkin pie soon too, I’m sure.  Yum!

How did your frugal adventure go this week?  I’d love to hear about it!  And if you an adoptive momma in need of a getaway, remember to enter the drawing for the Created for Care Getaway package!


  1. Bonita Timmons says:

    loved the food 🙂 Hope you come out with another easy cook book soon:)) looking forward to it . I loved your cookbook!!!

  2. Love the flower decoration – what a great way to use mason jars.
    This week have done magnificent on our budget for planning our Christmas which we always start on the week of Halloweeen because with a budget of $50 for decorations- we have to start early. My daughters and I decided on a pink themed Christmas this year. So toward that end got a 4′ pink Christmas tree with pink lights attached free (someone left behind at daughter’s apartment building; cannot imagine why!), pink lights for a mere $1 a strand to go on the outside doors- purchased four, and just finished making pink coffee filter flowers to string up inside for a measly $4 for over 300 of them. A friend gave us about 1,000 thinly shaped wood pieces (diamonds, circles, squares, triangles) that we are painting pink and white and making into necklace to give guests and confetti for the tables that will look great on the pink tablecloths I made using pink sheets that we had. So far for a total of $8, we are really starting to see our vision become a reality. The girls want to purchase pink fabric to cover couch pillows and find pink rugs as well as make a few pieces of bold pink art to round out the rooms. Glad they are so creative and are having fun with this project!
    And now we are thinking of pink foods, that budget is different from decorations, which surprisingly there are tons of to have for the two-day celebration. Have come up with shrimp, peeps, salmon, ice cream, grapefruit to name a few.

  3. Thought of you this week when I went to the grocery store and found boneless skinless chicken breasts for 87 cents/lb. Remembered reading advice in Family Feasts and so I grabbed 30 lbs. More than I usually would have taken, but it was great and I even found room in the freezer.

  4. Sounds like a great week. I spent money this weekend but I spent it on winter clothes for me which I haven’t bought in literally years! And they will keep me warm, which will keep me from cranking up the heat this winter. Besides, I actually have enough clothes for all the kids this year – amazing!

  5. We started our own “eating out” ban last week because it has been so out of control. We spent so much on take. out lately. So this week I did make all dinners. Even tonight I thought about going out but hubby talked me out of it. I made pizza and so happy that I did!

  6. Well first of all….I’m LOVING your book!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing what you’ve learned about being an adoptive mama. It’s already been a help to me!

    As for as frugality this week…we went to a bulk/discount food store and bought 1 cart of groceries for just under $150. I love that store! 🙂