canning craziness


We canned 14 quarts of tomatoes and 35 quarts of applesauce in the last two days. And still we have at least 3 bushels of apples to process, with more on the tree. So. tired.


  1. Homemade applesauce is the best! Have you ever heard of the Victorio Strainer? Its a device that lets you quarter and cook apples unpeeled, then you feed them through the hopper and a screen separates the applesauce from the seeds/peel. My mom learned about them from the Amish, and has used hers for 20+ years. When I got married, she gifted me one of my own. I use it for applesauce and tomato sauce and I love it for the simplicity and speed with which I can process food! (I will say that sometimes a small bit of apple seed does get through into the final product, but its always very small to be able to pass through the screen.)

  2. I have something even easier than the victorio strainer. I use my vitamix to create a homogenous product then heat and can it. The seeds and skin completely liquefy and you cant tell they are even there!

  3. I second the Victorio! It’s victorious! Seriously no peeling or coring. It makes canning applesauce soooo much easier.

  4. When I can each year I always think of you and use some of your well used recipes!!! You inspire me and since it’s canning season here and I have started homeschooling also, I understand….. I am tired too!!!

  5. Daughter loves to ‘pop’ out the core and then we process all the rest with blender. Works fabulous, don’t even know there are seeds or skin in the mix.
    We make applesauce, apple butter, apple jelly and apple juice and then freeze rest to put into containers for pancakes, soups, and toppings over meats, etc.

  6. Soooo there with you! I have apples, crabapples, pears, choke cherries and huckleberries overflowing in my house and my juicer steamer is getting put through the paces. This winter when we are enjoying spiced cider, apple and pear sauces and butters, apple juice, jams and jellies – I just know these long, hot days will be worth it! God keep ya while we go through this “putting up” season. God has provided much this year; what a blessing!