Our day, in miles

aka: why I’m so tired.

I suspect this could be deathly boring.  Read at your own risk.

On the road

6:30AM- 18yo Lidya leaves for college classes in the ‘teen’ minivan, about 40 miles round trip.

8AM=everyone else up, breakfast, school.

9:15AM =John leaves in the Festiva to take Josh (16) to his college class (20 miles round trip).  Josh has his license as of last week, but Lidya has the teen van, so he needs a ride.

9:30 =I go to run (2 miles)

10AM- Ben (16) leaves to go to the orthodontist for a broken bracket, driving his own car.  (Hooray!)  The orthodontist office is about 15 miles round trip.

10:30 AM = John gets home from dropping Josh off at class.  I work on more homeschool with the 3 kids still home.

11:10AM -I leave in the Festiva (it gets 42mpg– hooray!) to pick up Josh from class, then take him car shopping in Meridian, Nampa, and Caldwell for about 3 hours.  (maybe 40 miles altogether?)  No luck finding a car.

12:30- 18yo gets home from class with the mini-van.  Hooray!

1:40- John leaves, driving the ‘teen’ minivan to take 16yo Zey to driver’s ed (first drive ever is today!) at a high school about 10 miles round trip.  Her drive there in driving class probably totaled 10 miles or so in an hour of driving.

2:15– I get home with Josh, and text John to ask where the teen van is, since Josh needs it to go to soccer in 15 min.

2:30- John gets home with the teen van, and grabs the Festiva to go pick up Zey from her first drive.  Josh leaves for soccer in the teen van (10 miles) where he will then board a school bus to ride to yet another high school in a town about 10 miles further for a soccer game.  I work on more homeschool with a couple kids for a little while.

3:00- John gets home with Zey.  I chat with her to see how her first drive went.

3:30– I leave in the Festiva with two youngest to go watch Josh’s soccer game in Boise (20 miles).  Just when we arrive I get a text from Josh, saying the game has been delayed half an hour.  Since we’re near Target, the youngest girls and I use the extra half hour for a bit of shopping (3 more miles) then drive back to watch Josh’s soccer game at 5.

4:30 PM– Ben leaves home to go to Kuna for a shift at Dominoes, driving his own vehicle, using his own gas. Hooray!  (20 miles round trip).

5:40- John leaves home in the big van to drive Zey to driver’s ed class (not driving practice this time) which is about 10 miles round trip.

6:30– I leave Boise with the girls after the soccer game heading for Nampa, where we go into town so they can try out for a children’s choir.  (about 20 miles).

7:40PM- John leaves home again in the big van to pick up Zey from driver’s ed (1o miles round trip). The girls and I are still in Nampa at try-outs, by this time eating snacks from a vending machine since try-outs are taking much longer than we expect.

8:30 PM-Ben arrives home from Kuna.

8:40- Josh arrives in Kuna on the school bus (10 miles from Boise), and gets into his car to head home to Nampa (10 more miles)

9:15 PM  The girls and I arrive home from choir. (12 miles)

And finally, everyone is home.

Grand total

-six vehicles including one school bus and one driver’s ed car

-7 drivers, counting one school bus driver and one brand new driver on a learner’s permit

-5 towns

-267 miles of driving, only 97 of which I did myself, thankfully.



I am now going to sleep.



  1. That’s intense! What does your husband do that he’s around through the day to help with all the driving? We’ve just enrolled our kids in a private Christian school and it’s about a 50-minute round-trip drive twice a day. I’m struggling with being in the car that much. I can’t imagine the amount of driving going on in your household!

  2. You must have some seriously color-coded charts to keep THAT schedule working. Good luck with the teen car shopping to help ease the pain a little! I’m a little perplexed about why Zey has driver’s ed classes at two different times of the day. I understand one is driving and one is not, but how odd to have them spaced hours apart.

    • Yeah, it’s kind of a hassle. But at least driving is only twice a week, and also, the entire class is only 3 weeks long. So basically it is 6 crazy days. (Tomorrow is the second one. Wish me luck– this time my hubby doesn’t have the day off!)