Just keep swimming

My 9 year old a LONG time ago!

Oh my goodness, this is looking like a busy week. On the agenda, with probable additions as the week goes on:

  • Two doctor’s checkups
  • Our 18 year old daughter’s first days in the dental program at college
  • Three soccer games
  • More tomato picking and canning.  Ditto for cukes and plums.
  • 6 drives to 3 soccer practices (to and from)
  • Six drives to Dominoes pizza (to and from for 3 shifts for a teen)
  • A kids’ play afternoon
  • A kids’ sleepover
  • A bit of furniture-moving and rearranging.  Should be good fun!
  • More work on the boys bathroom.  Maybe it’ll be done in the next week or two.  Maybe.
  • School planning for this school year, as well as a revamp of the job chart.  The new school year is always a good opportunity to give kids a crack at new jobs that they may not have yet done, and to reassign their old jobs to different siblings.

AND school starts next week.  It’s going to be one of those ‘just keep swimming’ weeks.  I may or may not be checking in much here.  Hope your week goes well!