On suicide


In light of the tragic death of Robin Williams, so many people are writing on the topic of suicide, some with compassion and some with judgement.  Here are two excellent reads from friends of minds that illuminate the suffering soul and offer encouragement along that hard path.  Please, let’s be light-bearers, reminding each other of the only true hope that exists in this hard and painful world.

Where Are the Ravens?

Up From the Suicidal Abyss



  1. Thank you for sharing these. Both are thought provoking and insightful. I have only experienced mild depression and cannot imagine how those afflicted with deep and unremitting depression hurt.

  2. Thank you for sharing these, Mary. I needed to read them.

    I also appreciated reading Shaun Groves’ series about the depression he fought, entitled “Beggar’s Fortune”.

  3. Thanks, Mary. I’ve been there and done that and got out alive only by the grace of God.

    I wonder if I few more might get out alive if they met a little more grace, and a little less judgment.

    Thanks. That was brave.