Storage ideas for tiny bathrooms

Our bathroom project is progressing really well.  We’ve got the toilet and shower in working order, are hard at work on sheetrock, and hope to have the sink functional within the next day or two. Of course then comes taping, mudding, texturing, painting, and trimming out.  (Yikes– there’s lots still to do!)

One of the things we’re planning is some built-in storage space. Since our bathroom is basically attic space, it has a slanted ceiling.  We’re planning on using space behind the new wall where the ceiling slopes down toward the floor for additional storage.

In thinking about what to do, I’ve been pinning interesting storage solutions on pinterest.  Most of the ones I’m showing you here involve using the space between studs for storage. Here’s the one that first caught my eye.  Isn’t it pretty?  I like the dark wood, and think that whatever we do, we’ll probably do in dark wood, since that’s the color I stained the old yellow-oak cabinet.



This next one was designed to utilize a slanted ceiling like the one in our bathroom.  I like the beadboard trim inside the space. It is also a similar blue to what I’m considering painting the walls.



This one looks like it has a ton of storage, and I really like the trim work.  It also has some good step by step photos of the process.  Kinda makes me want to start making holes in walls and adding storage in other rooms around here.



This next one looks like a great idea next to a toilet.  I couldn’t find a link to the actual project, just the photo, but I like the idea of recessing the toilet paper in the wall a bit, especially in a tight space.



And isn’t this final one a great way to incorporate a mirror AND some storage? This project is a good option if cutting holes in walls isn’t your cup of tea. I also really like the rustic stain she put on the wood.  You can click here to see step by step pictures of this project.  And if you want, you can also follow me on Pinterest by clicking here.

I’m still not sure what form our bathroom storage is going to take, but I’m hoping we’ll have the entire bathroom done for the big reveal soon, maybe even by the end of the month?  I’m so excited to show it all to you!


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  1. Not really a fan of open shelving in bathrooms. Prefer to see closed linen closets. Just seems more sanitary to me and certainly much easier to clean and keep clean.
    Have a linen closet in my bathroom with everything from towels to everyday toothbrushes and shampoo to soap in it. Unless you open the doors, you are only going to see wastebasket and one roll of toilet paper in our bathroom. Nothing else in there but a marquee sign of the Titanic on the wall- everything is tucked out of sight.
    But if open shelving is what you are thinking of- like the one over the toilet.