Frugal successes, frugal fails

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  • Success:  This week I had several days where I didn’t go anywhere. When you’re trying to be careful with your money, just staying out of the stores can be a big thing.
  • Fail:  When my husband needed to replace a water timer  (to water our garden while we’re gone) I suggested he try a different brand than the one that needed to be replaced.  This other brand was available on amazon and had two day shipping and cost half of what the other brand did.  Got it home and it did not work one bit.  So back to amazon it went, and off to the store my husband went.  Ah well.  On the bright side I was delighted with Amazon’s UPS return shipping.  I printed out a label, requested that UPS pick up my package, and the UPS man showed up at my door 15 hours later.  Then– just as surprising– the refund for the item was credited to our account by the end of the day.  Hooray!
  • Success: I found bananas for 25 cents a pound at Walmart and bought lots– enough finally to make a batch of my favorite gluten free banana bread.   I added chocolate chips– yum!
  • Success:  One of our married daughters brought some clothes to share with her younger sisters, most of which were absolutely perfect for my fast-growing just-turned-12-year old.  And she actually liked them!
  • Success:  I found several just-right birthday gifts for that same birthday girl that I’d stashed away weeks earlier, making her birthday much easier to prepare for.  One was this LOVELY coloring book.  If you have an artist in need of a project this summer, click on the photo and check it out. (affiliate link)
  • Fail: When I went to the store with my son to exchange a few things, I found a couple things for myself as well.  I probably should have resisted the $25 shorts, but they actually looked nice.  I also found a pair of black capris for $14.  Was rather pleased with that find. And most likely I will wear both lots this summer.  So maybe not a total fail.
  • Success: I cooked several meals even when I wasn’t in the mood to cook, and did a good job using/repurposing most leftovers.
  • Fail:  I forgot about some bacon in the fridge and lost it to mold.  Bah.  I hardly ever do that, especially with meat.  I blame vacation-brain.

How did your week go?  Successes?  Fails?


  1. FAIL. Spent $25 each on shorts for teen that I knew would be perfect *if* I let the rolled part out, they were too short otherwise. She desperately needs the shorts for this summer, but she picked a fight, not wanting to let out the hem saying I was condemning her to be unfashionable and I have stupid rules. Two places she is going this summer actually have modesty rules, so really, I am saving her from grief and really, I do NOT like seeing teen girls wearing too short shorts. I said she could have the shorts but I needed to let the roll out a bit, it would add 1.5 inches and that would make a big difference to me. So, we had a tiff. I have two pairs of expensive shorts that look lovely on her and unless she apologizes tomorrow, they go back to the store and she will have zero shorts this summer. It was supposed to be a fun “thank you mom these are perfect” moment. Now it’s a “Mom ruins everything for me” moment.

    • Lisa Beth W. says:

      I feel your pain. 🙂 ((hugs)) Stay firm, mama. Someday I believe she will appreciate your standards. 🙂

    • Stick to your guns! It’s hard, frustrating, and steals the joy of things during the tiff, but some day (that feels so far, far away) she will appreciate it. She still might not agree with you, but she’ll appreciate that you were thinking of her best interests. It is appalling what some parents let their children wear.

      Things like this remind of that “I had a mean mom” thing: my mom was was terrible, always in my business, always making me eat reasonable food, always keeping track of me and my friends, etc. At the end of it, she realizes she grew up to be a decent, responsible person, and there’s the comment that the author looks forward to her kids calling her the Mean Mom. 🙂 It goes along with that, “The older I get, the smarter my parents become” adage.

  2. SO glad you like the banana bread! Thanks for linking over. I love it when I find that “just right” birthday gift. Makes life so much easier! 🙂

  3. That coloring book looks amazing!!! 🙂

  4. Havent felt like had a lot of successes but have stayed out of stores.
    Successes: bought a pork loin on ad match for $1.99/lb
    -Was able to get 3 pr sneakers, sandals work pants, and assorted other clothes for 30 total for $10.
    -Sold toddler bed for $30 and assorted other baby things added money to moving fund.
    -Was able to get $6 amazon cards for using weather channel mpoints
    Failures: lost a couple things in frig to mold that got shoved in back
    -We got chicken strips for dinner one night from Raising Canes. But did get big bag instead of several combos saving $25.
    Otherwise we are just plodding along with summer vacation and cleaning sorting stuff from closets.

  5. tia bennett says:

    Successes: My daughter’s open house was last weekend and we were able to keep the costs down in a few ways.
    We made all the food ourselves.
    We had it at our house, used all of our own stuff for decorating ( ball jars etc.)
    I borrowed a lot of the tables and serving things.
    We made all of the pinteresty pennant decorations this past winter during all of our snow days. I laminated them at work so I can use them all again.
    I bought the table cloths on amazon. It was a pricey up front cost, but was close to the rental price, and I can you use them for the next 3 kids and a lot of other functions.
    We rented a tent, which are too expensive but the weather was iffy. It turned out to be a beautiful day and lots of fun with friends and family.

  6. Thrift store find $3 brown bag filled with 30 pieces of clothing ranging from pants to long dresses along with two hats and two pairs of sandals making them 8 cents each and everything fit and we love them! In my 30+ years shopping thrift stores the most we have ever packed into a bag and with all items we are wearing and loving.