Giveaway: The Nesting Place

Folks, I am soooo excited about this lovely book!  It is by Myquillyn Smith, who blogs at The Nester, and it contains many, many simple and delightful ways to make a wonderfully comfortable haven out of any ordinary house.  You don’t have to have thousands of dollars.  In fact, you don’t even have to own the home you’re living in to make it a welcoming place for you and your loved ones.

I’m blessed to be giving away one copy of this book.  All you have to do to enter the drawing is comment below and tell me one thing you’d like to fix about your current home.  For an additional entry, like this post on Facebook or share it on Twitter, then comment again telling me you did so.   I’ll choose a book winner later this week!


  1. candice says:

    Honestly I would love to fix everything in my house. It is falling apart. Most of all I need to fix the Windows.

  2. I’d like to paint one of the bedrooms. Oh, and calk the tile we put up almost two years ago.

  3. Walls and windows. We live in military housing so I’d like to learn how to use color to decorate over and over and over every three years! 🙂

  4. I would love to fix the bathroom which is old it needs major renovation to feel clean and fresh. 😉

  5. Chelsea says:

    I want to ‘cozy’ up my home so that everyone who enters it feels welcome.

  6. My home needs something…..but I’m not sure what!

  7. I would change the paint of the walls and the coverings on the floors. 🙂

  8. I would like to re-paint our living room.

  9. My living room really needs a pick me up!

  10. My most pressing project is shelves in my storage room. I would like to be able to pull the guns I need out without having to in stack and restock them.

  11. I would like to know where and how to hang things on the walls. I hesitate to put nail holes in the wall, so it ends up looking very bare.

  12. i’d love to fix up & decorate the kids bathroom in an underwater sea world!

  13. Just one thing?! You don’t want my enormous list? If i must narrow it down to one… the plaster in the upstairs hallway that has the enormous hole in it that causes small (and not-so-small) children to want to pick at it and make it bigger.

  14. Rebecca says:

    I would love to re-do our bathroom. It has carpet and old cabinets. The carpet specifically needs to go!

  15. Kathy O says:

    I would love to put an addition on the upstairs of my house with zoned heating and a/c. Since that’s not gonna happen unless i win the lottery, I’d really like to be better organized in the house!

  16. Many things but the major one would be to declutter

  17. The thing I’d “fix” is to get the basement bedroom built for our big boys so we can get the baby out of our closet!

  18. I would first like to take care of some much needed repairs (leaky bathroom faucet, torn screen, crack in bathtub). Then i would like to tackle my carpets (deep cleaning) and get new curtains throughout the house. A little paint wouldn’t hurt either

  19. I shared this book on Facebook!

  20. I would like to paint my bedroom

  21. Where to start? With the hall bath–the wallpaper is peeling and I need to decide whether to just fix that, or give the whole thing (70’s fixtures) a fresh start.

  22. I would like to find some inspiration to finally finish our living room. It’s the first room you see when you enter our house. It’s nice and big – a blank slate just waiting for creativity to flow. And yet, my husband and I can’t seem to find the motivation to finally tackle it.

  23. Shared your link on Facebook! 🙂

  24. We need window treatments/blinds really bad!

  25. Just shared on facebook!

  26. I would decorate our master bedroom. We have hardly any furniture in our master bedroom.

  27. I too would remove wallpaper from our living room.

  28. I’m working on a wall of family pics right now. Id love this book!!

  29. I would redecorate my master bedroom. A fresh coat of paint & new bedding would really improve things.

  30. I would like to do something more with my dining room. Spruce up the table, hang up some new art… It is so plain and boring, but it is such a small area and I don’t know what to do with it!

  31. My yard. I don’t have time or money to fix it, and it’s kinda embarrassing in our nice suburban neighbourhood.

  32. The master bedroom which is boring. Or the family room

  33. Shannon says:

    Paint! All the walls need it.

  34. My bathroom! It is the only room in our home that has not been painted or redecorated since we moved in over 9 years ago!

  35. I would replace all of the floors in the home I rent!

  36. Sandwich in Wi says:

    I can’t abide knickknacks because of the dusting, but I wish I had more cute “stuff” like in the magazines–er, on Pinterest.