Stitch Fix time again– help?

Thanks to those of you who have been trying Stitch Fix along with me, once again I built up some credits to spend. Yay-thank you!  🙂

My latest fix had some things I adored, and some that seem almost right but have me still guessing.  This bracelet set is absolutely lovely, but at $36 for the set, I just can’t pull the trigger.  I am much more likely to hunt for jewelry at thrift stores, honestly.

Next up is the item is this chevron print maxi skirt.  I adored it the second I saw it. I have two maxi skirts already– one in navy, and one in a tiny brown pinstripe.  Both are so comfy and versatile that I’ve really been wanting another.  And this one is just fabulous.  The pattern is flattering, I think, and I have lots of brown and turquoise in my wardrobe already with which to pair it.  For sure I am keeping this.


The next item is this delicately patterned white sweater.  It is very lightweight and has a pretty nubby feel to it.


I like the way it looks from the front, but the back has some ups and downs and some flaring that I’m not really sure about.  I am pretty sure it makes me look wide in back– what gal wants that?  My husband said something about a peacock’s tail when he saw it.  I already have a similar sweater in cream, but it is slightly heavier weight and won’t be wearable in warmer weather, whereas this one is so light that it could easily be worn longer into warm weather. But, the back?  So not sure.


This next top is in a color that is very flattering to me, and  most of the top is a nice stretchy fabric.  But the panel in front is a woven and tugs across the chest in a less-than-great way.  I want to love it, but because of that odd panel, it’s not the best fit. Also, it’s super see-through.


This last top is nice considering it is a tank top.  It has good coverage in back, and with another tank worn underneath, I think it is fairly modest.  I like the looseness and length, and can picture wearing this at home tons in the summer.  My teen daughters and I both liked the top ‘in person’, but seeing the photo of myself in it, I’m wondering if the large crosswise stripes are widening?  Tempted because I think if I kept it I’d probably wear it often, but not quite sure.  Also, it is $48 which seems insanely spendy for a tank, even if I am buying it with credits.


I’m thinking that I will keep only one thing besides the maxi.

1. Is the tank cute enough to be the second ‘keeper’ despite the price?

2. Should I consider the lightweight white sweater instead?

3. Should I keep only the maxi?

Those are the three options I’m weighing.  Help?


  1. angela s says:

    I think only the skit looks amazing. Skip the rest!

  2. Just keep the skirt. None of the tops do anything for you. And that mint one with the panel just looks plain weird. Or maybe pull the trigger on the jewelry.

  3. I would just keep the maxi…I like the tank except since the stripes don’t match up it kinda looks like you misbuttoned it at first glance!

  4. Just keep the skirt. It’s really cute. The rest of it is not worth the money in my opinion.

  5. I like the white sweater too, but only if you start feeling more confident in it. Too expensive to be 2nd guessing. Love the skirt 🙂

  6. Just the skirt. I would splurge on the jewelry, though. It’s so pretty!

  7. Love the skirt. I do like the white sweater too.

  8. Love the skirt! Keep it and send the rest back. I love the bracelet but I agree you could find something similar for way cheaper….you could make it for a fraction of the price.

  9. Love the skirt! Just keep that. The tank could be cute but it’s trying to make you square.

  10. Jennifer says:

    I like the white sweater a lot, but then again, I love that style, so I could be very biased. Aqua top is bad on many levels (none of which are you) and I agree with above writer, stripes on tank don’t match up which makes it look weird. You prob just had your own black choker on when you tried everything on, but I’d skip it if you’re really wearing the outfits as it’s a bit heavy for the combos. I love seeing your fixes! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Just keep the skirt. The other things are okay, but not as flattering with or without credits, I would not advise you to get anything else. Love the skirt though!

  12. 1. No
    2. No
    3. Yes … to make a long story short 😉

  13. Love the white sweater and tank. But you should ONLY purchase if you love them and are going to love wearing them. I think both look fantastic on you and very comfy.

  14. Definitely just the skirt. 🙂

  15. I like the skirt and the white sweater. I’d definitely send back the turquoise top.

  16. I love the skirt and white sweater. You could wear that sweater with ALOT of things. I also live the bracelet set, mostly because of how petite and delicate it is. Seems like so many bracelet sets are huge and clunky and my short arms can’t handle them. 🙂

  17. Gloriana Beausoleil says:

    I’m going to sound cranky here, but I rarely really like anything in the StitchFix boxes. I feel like many of the pieces are not truly flattering to your petite figure and your pretty, pretty face.

    I really like the skirt on you, though! It’s great! The jewelry is pretty, but you could make it for far less, or easily buy nicer items for less on Etsy.

  18. candice says:

    I love the skirt.

  19. Lesley Warta says:

    The skirt is adorable! I love it.

  20. You could make a tank like that for so much cheaper. Check out Simplicity 1614, it’s a cut that is very similar. If you have a Joann Fabric near you, wait for a $.99 pattern sale. But that’s just the avid, frugal seamstress in me talking! haha 😀 That said, a maxi skirt could be a very simple project, too (just a tube– one seam and you’re done).


  21. Christine says:

    Keep the skirt. It looks great! Save your other credits for something in the future.

  22. Keep the skirt. It has lots of pairing possibilities. The sweater is not flattering, nor the aqua top with the funky panel in the front. For $48 the tank should have at least matched the stripes, but since the stripes do not match up — leave it behind as well.

  23. I like the white sweater- I think the back is actually fun and cute! I have a very light red cardigan rom Target that flares in back in a similar way and I always get compliments about it.

  24. You’re right! The skirt is fantastic!!! The jewelry, enh, one of the beads looks white and it bothers me. I love the sweater and I think the angles on it make a great play off of the angles in the skirt. But that blue shirt? Who made that? Did they put it on? It’s too sheer unless you wear a white tank under it, but when they adding the material in the front it seems like it’s a bib. And it really draws attention to the chest area. And don’t get me started on designers that don’t make sure their patterned material doesn’t line up right. My eyes constantly try to fix it!

  25. Keep the skirt and sweater. I love sweaters and I think you are tall enough to wear the angles on the sweater. My daughter wears sweaters like that – she is tall and they look great. I’m not sure I would wear it -cause I’m short.- even though I think it’s really pretty.

  26. While the tank is comfy and could get a lot of wear, that’s too much money for something where the sewer did not bother to match up the stripes. That’s just sloppy. For $10, maybe. For $48? Nope. The lightweight white sweater could be useful, but if your husband thinks of a peacock just from you trying it on… Keep the maxi and send the rest back.

  27. Just skirt. Do you have a cold water creek store nearby? They have lightweight sweaters that have a much nicer drape and the whole chain is closing so good deals!

  28. crystal says:

    I don’t think the stripes not being “matched up” are a mistake on the tank. I think it’s by design to look a little artsy. I actually kinda like it best, along with the bracelets.

  29. Love the skirt — and I’m with you about the jewelry. I usually only buy jewelry that expensive if it’s an adoption fundraiser, or made by a sustainable ministry to benefit women and children, etc. You look fabulous in the skirt!

  30. Oh, not the white sweater! The skirt: yes, yes!!! Please let us know what you decide.

  31. Chrystal says:

    Keep the skirt. I love the cut of the tank, but not the stripes. I bet you could make one cuter for less!

  32. Love the skirt and really like the tank too … I like the fit of it on you and I think the mismatched stripes are intentional and playful! Because they are mismatched, I don’t think they widen you at all!