Frugal Friday

Frugal Friday

I’m so glad you’ve been sharing your frugal successes with me every Friday! There are soooo many opportunities in a week to spend money.  Knowing that I’ll be telling on myself really helps me avoid overspending!  Speaking of which, I’ll start with my frugal fails.  I spent way too much on lemons and avocados late last night after picking up our son from work. It wasn’t a good time to go to a less expensive store, and I was in the mood for guacamole.  Now.   🙂   I did have a good bit of success this week too, though.

  • For Sunday supper, I combined Friday’s leftover taco meat and Saturday’s cooked pinto beans with the leftover corn from Sunday lunch to make an easy taco soup.  I often serve taco soup with tortilla chips, but since I didn’t have any, I chose instead to cut flour tortillas into strips, toast them briefly in a bit of oil, and serve them atop the soup.
  • When I saw an interesting book on a blog this week, I requested it at my local library.  My son also asked me to put a book on hold at the library.  There’s two fewer books that we’ll be tempted to buy.
  • That same son spotted a coupon for a local indoor laser tag place that will decrease the admission for him and a couple friends (a birthday treat) by $5.  I’m thrilled to have kids already on the lookout for such things.
  • I cut a little bit of chard out of the greenhouse to go in a salad, and John’s tomato seedlings are growing!  Garden season is on the way.
  • I grabbed 50-cent boxes of cocoa out of a clearance bin at the grocery store.  They’ll make good treats on cool mornings while camping this summer.
  • I made a weekly menu (photo below) using mostly ingredients that we already have.  We need a few things like milk, cheese, fruit, and potatoes, but the list should be fairly short.
  • I’m planning to make bread again, as well as yogurt, and fruit crisp with some of the canned fruit that I still have in my pantry.


And speaking of frugality and money saving, I wanted to mention that I’ve been asked by the Mom and Dad Academy to teach an e-class called Introduction to Family Kitchen Management and you can attend right on your computer!  I’ll be sharing how to save $100 a month or more on your grocery bill, get in and out of the kitchen efficiently, and involve your kids in the cooking adventure.  If that topic sounds interesting, come join us on May 22nd at 6:30 PM Mountain Time, 8:30 Eastern.  You’ll need to register ahead of time right here.




  1. Mary I look forward to Fridays now! Thank you! So my failures this week:
    – bought strawberries at 1.29 and had all 6 go bad in one day! Didnt get them in fridge quick enough I guess.
    -Bought chicken strips at .50 a piece (great deal) but should have ate at home. But really really craved them!
    -Bought 10 jars of jif nutella for $1/jar!! Summer break in 2 weeks and all 4 kids crazy for it!
    -Got red peppers on special at trader joes for .65 ea
    -Got quinoa for $1.29/lb. The cashier rang it in wrong when i pointed it out they said thats ok. Um I dont know but they didnt want to fix it .
    -Received a $10 amazon credit for having lots of medical problems and being willing to fill out surveys about them.
    -Made yogurt successfully!!! Ive tried twice before and didnt take. Mary I looked on your website for tips and used crockpot method! Was so excited!
    Renewed your book from library for another time. Im going to use my amazon credit to buy it!
    Here is a funny thing though My oldest daughter was looking through it and read your author bio. Mary we have been considering a move to Nampa for 3 years! We just decided we are voing to make it happen this fall. My daughter was rolling! Said how ironic! We came through there and spent some time there. It really spoke to us. My then 2 yr old said mommy is this home? It felt like it!

  2. Christine says:

    I love that you started with failures. My failures this week include stopping for an iced coffee and getting take-out last night. My successes include not stopping for coffees on all the other days and getting dinner on the table every other night. I did stop for fruit the other day and only spent $16.00 on that quick stop. I spent Sunday morning cooking chicken and that provided four dinners (one in the freezer) and many sandwiches for work lunches. I avoided deli meat purchases last week. I was able to get to ALDI last weekend and stock up on staples. That is a new store for me, and it is 18 miles away. You have inspired me to create my meals for next week based on what I have before I go shopping. I think I might make yogurt this weekend. I want to make homemade detergent too. Thanks. Keep up frugal Fridays.

  3. Umm Muhammad says:

    I liked your new kitchen cabinets! The darker color does make the woodwork much more beautiful.

    Had a lunch date w/hubby on Monday morning while the kids were at school… it was really fun, and actually I don’t regret it at all! 🙂
    I got the pre-washed and pre-chopped spinach which is more expensive than regular spinach.

    I passed by a truck driver selling a truckload of fresh red peppers and bought a bunch, made roasted red pepper sauce which I’ll be using for quesadillas this week.
    Also bought apples in bulk from the fruit&veggie stand, will be making applesauce tomorrow so I can have it for breakfast with crepes instead of the expensive cereal! Hopefully I can kick the cereal habit.
    Caught a ride with hubby’s friend when we needed to go to Ikea on the weekend, so saved on the considerable taxi fare there and back.

    If some of my notes seem a bit unfamiliar, it’s because we live in Jordan. 🙂

    • Yes, I think a lunch date with your husband is a win, not a fail! I enjoyed reading about your successes!! There’s IKEA in Jordan? How interesting! How close is it to you? I’m still waiting for IKEA to be less than 5 hours drive from my house.

      Thanks for writing!

      • Umm Muhammad says:

        It’s around 45 min away and just opened this year. They have some really clever ideas for utilizing space, which is nice for us here because most people in Jordan live in apartments.

        I enjoy reading your blog, I have been reading it since my husband bought me a copy of your book a few years ago. 🙂

  4. Well for one thing I tried your oatmeal bread recipe, I always seem to have leftover oatmeal, and it turned out great! Less crumbly than my usual bread recipe!

    We’re trying to eat from the pantry too, as we’re moving next week.

    Along with getting ready to move, I’ve taken some things to the consignment store.