The summer of driving

Photocredit: The Guardian

This may be shaping up to be a busy summer at our house.  Two of our teens are getting their 50 hours of student driving done, so to get all those hours accomplished in 6 months, John and I are being chauffeured EVERYWHERE we go.

In the past we’ve had kids wait to apply for jobs til they actually had licenses in hand and could drive independently.  But both boys are eager to save up money for cars.  And with the numbers of soon-to-be driving teens we have, I have to admit that sharing the ‘teen’ minivan between 3-4 teens would get challenging, especially with multiple jobs and all the college classes they have planned.

So we’ve had a steady stream of job applications heading out of our house.  One son has started a job-shadow at a local business, and another just got hired (! 🙂 !) at an awesome Mexican restaurant in our area.  Very exciting! Two of the kids are also working for their grandpa, doing maintenance work at the various properties that he owns. We are going every which way, and will be all summer, most likely.

Another exciting bit of news is that our daughter who graduates from high school next month just got accepted into the dental assisting program at our local community college.  Come fall, she’ll be a busy gal!  She’s hoping to get a job this summer as well, to supplement her hair-braiding business.  It is exciting to see the kids heading out and doing new and interesting things.

I’ve got a few bloggy changes planned as well.  I’ve decided to aim for a Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday schedule for awhile, and have come up with an actual editorial calendar! 🙂  On Mondays I plan to write about parenting and adoption.  Wednesdays I’ll share either a recipe or a household/craft-type project.  Then Friday will be my day to talk about frugality, and give you all an opportunity to link up or comment and share details of your frugality adventures during the week.   I find that writing about frugality regularly helps me keep thinking about it, and I always enjoy hearing about your successes too, so I’m looking forward to having a plan to talk on my favorite topics in a regular way.

How is your spring and summer shaping up?