Frugality this week


Here’s what I did in the past week to save money:

  • I found five pairs of shorts and several shirts at the thrift store for my kids instead of buying them new.
  • When doing yard work this past weekend, instead of buying new wood to replace the rotted-out wood edging around our play area, I repurposed wood that we already had.
  • When I wanted to add new mulch in the play area, I priced it at four stores and chose the cheapest per-yard price.  Other years I’ve often bought bagged bark for simplicity, but it is lots spendier and takes ridiculous numbers of bags to cover anything.
  • I bought two gallons of milk for $1.88 each with ‘points’ at Paul’s grocery store.
  • I went to Albertson’s early in the AM so I could buy the previous day’s ground beef at $2.49/lb instead of the $3-$4 a pound I’ve been seeing it lately.

One not so frugal that we did: having an electrician install a new ceiling fan.  We are huge DIY people normally, but this ceiling is 16 ft tall and the fan needed a bigger junction box AND the electrician was able to fix a broken light fixture over the sink while he was there.  My hubby considered it money well spent to have someone troubleshoot the connections for everything and wrestle the new fan into place.  Sometimes it’s very nice NOT to have to figure out things on your own.

How about you?  How’d your week go?



  1. Used egg cartons to sprout 100 tomato plants. Wanna can tomato sauce this year…. Actually used leftovers in the fridge. Hanging most loads of laundry on the line now that spring has sprung. Used neighbor’s grass clippings to build mulch piles. Spent money at McD’s the day I completed taxes. Will be looking for used dishwasher on craigslist. Put big brother’s shoes on now walking baby.

  2. Frugal: I cut my son’s hair. I pulled out all the bins of clothes I keep to pass down to the next child in line. Three boys now have drawers full of shorts for warmer weather. I made lentil soup for dinner. Nothing cheaper than soup!

    Not Frugal: Went to Target and found a few cute new items for my own wardrobe. Shhhhh….don’t tell.


  3. Frugal
    * I canned pinto beans, and other types in quart jars for quick needs in my pressure cooker.
    * I harvested greens from the garden for our meals.
    * I cooked lentil soup for supper.
    * I gave two haircuts and need to give three more.
    * I took my daughter to Goodwill and she found some deals.
    * Also bought another child some jeans at Goodwill.
    * Made a huge batch of granola instead of buying cereal
    * I cooked all the potato, carrot, beet, asperagus peels and ends for the chickens and mixed in some grain that was not edible by human standards any longer.

    Not so frugal… I had a bike wreck and smashed my iphone. Now I have to get the glass replaced because I can’t see through all the shattered lines.

    • uh…. make that 7 hair cuts. I don’t usually do the girls’ hair, but we did. Still one boy to go.

    • I read a little blurb (not advertisement) in Reader’s Digest recently. Maybe it was a month-four back about how you can DIY replace the glass for your phone. They said it wasn’t for the faint of heart, but you might want to investigate.

  4. tia bennett says:

    How about doing a weekly or monthly link up to keep us accountable in our frugality?

  5. I learned this week that our city’s solid waste dept offers free mulch to residents. The downside is that it is a 15 mile, 30 minute drive each way to get it, which makes me wonder just how frugal it would actually be once I drive out there with whatever bins I can find to use to put it into.

  6. Canned fresh beans I got on clearance for .50 a lb! Didnt want them to go to waste. Pulled out summer things so 3 of 4 kids are pretty set. Dropped off 4 bags for mission and have 5 bins to consign. Made ham and potato casserole and successfully used tvp in meatloaf with oatmel. Shhh dont tell my kids! Also picked up 20 dozen eggs for .99. Cheapest Ive seen here and every single one is gone! Mary I envy you Winco! I had one in washington but sadly not here in nebraska! Also checked out Family feasts for $75 from library! Love it! Already doing most tips but really enjoyed recipes!

    • I just remembered something else that might help someone else. I started using an old wipes container with rags in it and my homemade cleaner of vinegar and orange peels! Disinfects and degreases and much cheaper than papertowels! Or even dollar tree cleaning wipes!