Goals this week

my willow tree 'bouquet'
Thinking about what I’d like to get accomplished this week– here’s what’s on my list:
1. Fertilize the lawn and weed flowerbeds. I’m so much looking forward to having flowers to cut for the table. The other day, desperate for freshness, I cut some branches off the willow tree, and decided they looked kinda pretty on the dining table.
2. Organize a corner of the kitchen. The microwave shelf is looking cluttered and so is the top of the fridge. I’d like to store more in the pantry and less out in the open.
3. Organize the pantry. It is getting its empty late-spring look. That’s lovely for being able to store things (most of the year it is full of canned goods) but random items don’t look as pretty as do rows of jars, so I need to be a little more thoughtful about how I put things into it.
4. Sort the cupboard that holds storage containers. I actually did this yesterday, and threw away a bunch of containers that had no lids, and also put together what still matched. Found a few items to add to my young-adult/new-kitchen/giveaway box. There’s lots more space now!
5. Address and mail Lidya’s graduation invitations. She graduates in 6 weeks!
6. My big splurge of springtime: make an appointment with the electrician to have a new ceiling fan installed. We are finally replacing our 20+ year old white-and-brass fan with something wood-toned. SO excited.

What are you hoping to do this week?


  1. You’re only replacing a fan and you need an electrician to do it? Running electricity to add a new one I could see, but you guys do enough DIY that hiring someone for just replacing one is surprising.

    “Sort the cupboard that holds storage containers.” I think every household in this country has that problem. Where do those pesky lids GO, anyway??

    I’d really like to get some yard work done – I have more weeds than grass at this point – but the few work-free days I’ve had lately have all been days of pouring rain. It’s definitely high on my list, though. As is the bullet point to get my taxes done. *sigh*

    • Ha, well, it is a 16 ft ceiling with a 3 foot downrod, and a beefier fan than before which means the box might need to be reinforced or replaced. Hubby says he’d rather pay to have this particular job done. 🙂

  2. Gary Coryer says:

    Fertilize the yard? The first signs of solid ground just popped thru the snow cover here this morning and that ground is pretty much a solid block of ice. We still have to wait for it to thaw, top down, so we have a fifth season here, mud season. The top of the ice (frost) in the ground melts but the underlying frost is still frozen and makes a wonderful bowl for the melt water to sit in and mix with the thawed layer of soil into a muddy soup. Only the bravest (or most foolish) souls take a car off pavement for fear of it landing on the belly pan as the wheels disappear into the mud. Of course the truly perverse Vermonters live on their beloved dirt roads which this time of year turn the commute to work into a four wheeling adventure of the first order.

    On the plus side the sugar houses are in full operation and the smell of almost boiling maple syrup is cheap to come by. My driveway is ice free for the first time in four months so I can put my grippers away and stop walking like a penguin. We’ve turned off the big furnace and are just coasting now on the heat gain from the sun room and the small propane heater. Winter held on late this year so the kids are chomping at the bit as all the sports practices have been delayed. We have to wait until mud season becomes real spring so as not to destroy the sports fields. But the roads are down to bare pavement and we’re just watching for frozen patches in the early morning.

    This winters accomplishments: crossed my middle boy Kevin over from cub scouts to boys scouts with his Arrow of Light earned. Arena learned to snowshoe, the last two winters having been so mild as to not have enough snow to show her how. Survived William’s first half year of teenager hood. (OMG) Got two new business’s started (hopefully real money soon, that pension check is small) and nobody got frostbitten.

    It’s almost spring in Vermont!