My latest Stitch Fix

I got back very late last night from Created for Care in Atlanta.  And for anyone keeping track, yes, that is THREE weekends out of town during the last five weeks– way too many.  Each event was good and worth doing, but the cumulative effect of that much travel is pretty darned tiring.  This afternoon my teens are taking a chem test, my younger girls are outside enjoying the almost- spring air, and I’m sitting here trying to decide what to cook for dinner.  I think I’m feeling out of practice– certainly not in the mood anyway.  What to cook???

While I’m stalling on dinner, I thought I’d tell you about my latest Stitch Fix.  This time around I liked several of the items that they sent me. But I’ve spent a bit much on clothing lately, so I limited myself to only two. Here are the ones that I didn’t get.

The dress was a fun pattern, and a nice length, but the top was too fitted and the skirt flared out over the hips in a way that wasn’t flattering to my figure.  The black top had tight cuffs at the elbow, and was my least favorite look, style-wise. It looked a bit old-ladyish to me? The lavender top was lovely and soft, and VERY tempting.  I did wonder if the drapey neckline would feel like it needed constant adjustment– it had a funny little silver pendant sewn to the point of the drape to make it hang right, but I still found myself fiddling it around in the few minutes I wore it.  I might have kept it if it was in my budget though, because I really loved the color and the feel.












Then here are the two that I decided to get.  The green stripe was an easy choice– it is just really comfy and fun top, something that I could wear at home any day, but also looks nice dressed up with jewelry. A friend of mine who also tried Stitch Fix said she got a red striped version of the same top and really likes it.  The chevron top also is comfortable, is a nice spring piece and looks good with a lot of different things I already have, including the navy cardigan that I got with my last fix.    So there you have it!

And now here I am, still wondering what to make for dinner…..any ideas?





  1. Love your choices! I’m making a pan of my favorite enchiladas for dinner, but was also tempted by chicken ceasar salads. Good luck! 😉

  2. I like your new tops! Breakfast for dinner is always quick and a winner at our house!

  3. Like your new tops. Having lentil burgers, vegetable pot stickers, slices of beer bread, and kiwi for supper.

  4. Mary, please explain the Stitch Fix again. I just went on their site and it says that prices in my price range but average $65. My question is- is that $65 an item? If so, will have to pass because that is out of my price range for one item of clothing.

  5. Becky Wright says:

    I signed up for Stitch Fix and will be getting my first shipment in April. You should get a referral discount! I’m excited to see what I get.

  6. I’m sure it is too late for dinner suggestions, but I wanted to comment that chevron top looks great on you. It is cute, youthful but still age appropriate, and seems to be quite slimming. Great choice!

  7. My favourite is the chevron top. If I lived in the States I’d have to look into Stitch Fix — I’m seeing so many success stories around the blog world.

    My go-to quick dinner when I really really don’t feel like cooking is stir fried vegetables (whatever’s on hand) and meat over rice or potatoes. Or I make a simple pasta bolognese with ground hamburger, tomato passata and spices. I can throw both together in about 10-15 minutes and I still feel like I’m feeding my family real food. Also quick to throw together, and healthy too, is burritos — meat and/or beans with peppers, cucumbers, salsa, etc wrapped in a tortilla — but it requires thinking ahead for groceries, and that doesn’t always happen!

  8. I love the two shirts you chose. Both look great on you.