A cupcake tip

I’ve spent the day traveling to Atlanta to be at my second Created for Care session this year.  Though I’ve heard the main sessions already before, the speakers were so awesome last time that I’m really looking forward to hearing them again.  Plus I get to pick another breakout session to attend– very fun.

I’m wiped out from my 3:50 AM wakeup call, and my all day travel, which finished off with a nice hour or two of Atlanta traffic at rush hour in the rain.  But I wanted to share one quick idea that my 9yo and I cooked up together a few weeks ago.  One day she was SOOO eager to make cupcakes.  I tend to avoid cupcake-making like the plague– mine always end up messy and gloppy, with bits that cook to the edges of the cupcake tins.

Cupcake-making for little hands

CupcakesBut there she was, begging to make cupcakes.  So after we’d whipped the batter up,  I dug around in the cupboard and found a squeeze bottle with a big spout.  Then I poured the batter into the squeeze bottle and she was set to go!

The squeeze bottle gave her the perfect amount of control over the batter.  She could go from hole to hole easily, with almost no dripping, and was even able to add little dabs of batter after all the holes were filled to even them all out. With this tip, I think I won’t have to avoid making cupcakes anymore.

And as you can see by the smile on her face, she declared our little discovery a great success.










  1. THANK YOU! Just today I signed us up to take 96!!! cupcakes to an Easter party.

  2. Chinamama4 says:

    Brilliant! I expect to see this pinned about a million times!

  3. I bet this would work great for making up pancakes, too. Hey, you might even be able to shake the water and mix up together in a container like that!

  4. Have an empty relish bottle in my drawer right now that I use for making pancakes and cupcakes. Easy to manage and the hole is a bit bigger than ketchup bottles though ketchup bottles will work in a pinch. I have also used an empty glass syrup dispenser when making waffles because the area to cover is a bit bigger but don’t want to have to scoop many spoonfuls.


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