Toward wise and loving parenting


How to be a calm parent– We all struggle with calm at times.  Here are some ways to keep your cool when parenting is challenging.

The control factor— Why kids who’ve experienced loss can have some major control issues, and how parents can support and encourage instead of feeding into fear.

What to do about tattling? Here’s how one experienced momma keeps communication open, encourages honesty and confessions, and helps maintain relationships between siblings

Goals vs. Systems  I’ve realized lately as a parent that focusing on parenting to the best of our ability instead of constantly evaluating our kids for results is a happier emotional space in which to live.  Parenting is a LONG job, after all, and maturity takes time. This (non-parenting) piece speaks to some of the benefits of this mindset.

Square pegs, round holes, and loving your child–  This is a lovely piece about the joy and peace to be found in loving your child just as he is.


Bonus:  Two Frugal Reads

Saving money when you think you’re already frugal

Personal finance and class welfare


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  1. Geez, I read this post, I clicked the link to the Prudent Homemaker site, and 3 hours just disappeared… I have a hard time sticking to my grocery budget (which is already considered low by many in a similar family makeup) but after reading that blog for a bit, I feel so extravagant.