My hubby’s project

New bed!

Just had to share a link to my husband’s post about the new bed he made for us. Didn’t he do a great job?  He made the bed from walnut that he milled himself years ago.  Makes our bedroom look so upscale that I hardly recognize it.

Also, for any of you curious about what I picked out of my latest batch of Stitch Fix goodies, I ended up sending back the black pants and the grey sweatshirt. The pants were too spendy and the sweatshirt was just too ordinary for the price.

I’d been on the fence about the striped tank top since it is bare in back and I’d only wear it under a sweater. But then I realized it looks adorable with a t-shirt underneath it. (At least I think so?) Here are a couple tee’s I tried with it that I think look cute. The navy tee especially is good because the neckline matches perfectly.  It’d also be great with a plain white tee, I think.
tank with tee's underneath

In any case, being able to wear it over a tee makes it a much more versatile piece for me.   🙂   I decided to keep it, along with both the navy cardigan and the green top. I’ve already worn all the items at least once, and I’m really happy with them.

What’s new with you this week?  Hope none of you are separated from family in the terrible storms in the South.


  1. Love the headboard!!! He did a beautiful job! Would love a headboard, too , but no handy hubby.

  2. Beautiful bed, Mary!!

  3. Absolutely stunning. Been trying to stay warm. Around -40 wc yesterday. Luckily live in a village so the propane shortage (up to $6 a gallon at some suppliers) has not affected me as it has affected family and friends. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE winter and everything about it but the way our government works is so frustrating at times. Why can they not figure out the healthcare, college costs, and general well-being of everyone like other countries have been doing for years with seemingly little problems. These are the topics of conversations in the workplace as of late.
    Personally I have been working on a lighthouse quilt for my youngest for a couple of months now– almost done.

  4. Your headboard is beautiful!

  5. 1. LOVE the headboard!

    2. Your hair is very flattering!

    3. The tank over the shirts is so cute and clever!