The hair, and Stitch Fix!

The hair

First, as promised– the hair. I had to wash it today, and then went through all sorts of round brush/ wet hair/ blow-dryer clutziness trying to make it look like my miracle-working hair salon lady does.  I was in despair for awhile.  But it ended up looking somewhat similar to her results, and so I gave up for the day.  I can only hope that I will eventually master the art of working a round brush and a blow dryer in tandem.

grey thermalMoving on to clothes.  My much-awaited Stitch Fix  package came in the mail today– hooray!  As usual I am somewhat torn.  The grey thermal shirt is the least interesting item in the box and at $48 is insanely overpriced.  But it is super comfy, and has sparkles of all things– I love sparkles– and honestly, I’d probably wear it twice as often as the other dressier items, esp in the winter curled up on the couch listening to my girls read to me.

My girlieAnd speaking of my girls, isn’t the little girl next to me adorable?  Yesterday she and I watched a documentary on Netflix called ‘Jig’  telling the story of a bunch of kids going to the world Irish step-dancing competition.  So now she has decided that she might like to learn to jig. Thus the white dance-style shoes and the bright outfit.

On the left here she is again, modeling another outfit she pulled together.  It is the longing of her heart to have real glasses, and so she has several pair with the lenses punched out of them to coordinate with various outfits. And yes, she does indeed really possess the level of sass that exudes from that photo.Green jersy top 🙂

Moving on to the other items.  The green dolman style top looked very shapeless out of the box– it is nothing that I would even try on in the store–  but it looks better on me than I expected.  It is super soft jersey and I think looks cute with the black pants, scarf and boots. I am wondering what else it would look nice with?  My jean jacket was ok…maybe a vest would be fun?

The black stretchy skinny jeans also came in this fix.  They are similar to another black pair I have but are bit less bulky.  At $78 they are the spendiest item in this fix, but they are very comfy for skinny jeans, are fairly flattering, and high enough in the waist that I wouldn’t be constantly pulling them up.  I’m tempted.

Navy cardigan and striped tank

Next is this navy cardigan. I have a black one that I wear a lot, and have been wishing for one of a different color.  Lots of my wardrobe blends with navy, so I think I’d wear this lots, and it is a nice lightweight comfy layer.

The final item is the tank that I am wearing underneath the navy cardigan.  It is racerback, which means I’d only use it as an under-layer.  But it is super cute with a neckline that is not too low. I love the design on the front and the way that the bottom hem is shorter in the front and longer in the back. Fun.

Except a question:  is the front of this top too busy for a big neckace? I have a blue-stone three strand necklace that fits in the neckline of the top, but when I had it on, I wondered if it was too busy with the busyness of the medallion on the front of the tank?

Anyway.  I really like a lot of this. The one I’d easily pass on is the grey thermal, except if you keep ALL five, there’s 25% discount, which adds up to just a dab more than the cost of the thermal.  Basically, if I decide to keep four, I might as well keep the thermal too. But I’m not sure if I can justify the black pants  (I have something similar) and I’m a bit on the fence about the green. It’s cute, I think.  But is it too shapeless?  I’d love your opinion.

If you’d like a Stitch Fix delivered to YOUR door, click here, fill out the survey, and give it a whirl!


  1. I really like your hair! I think the green is my favorite!

  2. Love the hair. Consider buying an Infiniti Pro by Conair Spin Air Rotating Styler. So much easier than balancing the round brush and hair dryer. I mostly dry my hair first with the hair dryer and then use the rotating styler to finish.

    I think the front of the top is a statement in and of itself. I wouldn’t add a necklace.

  3. andrea masiewicz says:

    hmmm I like the green and the black jeans and blue cardigan….yes think the stripey top is too busy for chunky jewelry…..don’t love the grey thermal top.

  4. LOVE the navy cardigan the best of all these pieces. But you know you better than we do– if you think you will wear the grey then get it. Comfy is sometimes all a person wants. This winter comfy beats out everything in my opinion. If it is something you like and makes you feel warm and cozy—go for it. I am the last person anyone wants to ask fashion questions of because I wear almost always black slacks with black tops with a light black sweater in the summer months and heavier black sweaters in the winter. I HATE making any kind of clothing choices.
    Love the hair also. Looks very nice on you.
    One of the best finds for us this winter were black fleece lined leggings that I wear under my slacks and/or long dresses for a mere $9 for everyone and with windchills down near -50 they have been a blessing that I am glad I invested in. Also purchased Smart Wool socks for everyone for Christmas this year that are worn daily by everyone.
    We have generally been a family that just goes with the flow when it comes to winter like putting on two and sometimes three pairs of socks, layering three shirts, long underwear and sorrel boots but for some reason this fall I felt the need to go to Gander Mountain, Kohls, and thrift stores and get ‘extreme’ weather wear for everyone. Boy am I glad I did!!! This winter has beat all records but we are dressed to the hilt in the best outerwear we could get. Kids at the high school love the bomber hats I got all the kids.

  5. Love the green top with the new hair style/color. You’d probably like it better if you popped a belt on just above your natural waist. I am mad about gray, and it’s supercute underneath a man’s plaid shirt if you have one of those hanging on the other side of the closet 😉

  6. haha! Sarah used to wear a pair of prescription-less glasses. She’d casually state “These up my IQ by at LEAST 10 points.”

  7. The green is the cutest to me. Really like it!

  8. Can’t get over the hair! Love! LOVE IT! Super stylish and hip. I agree with Rebecca with the current black pant you are wearing with the green you could definitely pull off a belt. That would help give shape to it. Also try the jeans on, with your black cardigan over it. It might be too bulky but if the green sweater isn’t too bulky that could also give a nice shape because the eye will be drawn to the slender green that shows through. I am going to partially disagree with the navy outfit. I think there is nothing wrong to leave it alone. I wouldn’t put a chunky neckline necklace on however, a long silver necklace might actually look super cute with it. At my first glance of the shirt I simply thought to myself I would put a long silver necklace with that. Not just a chain but one with a bit of substance to it. Just a thought. Happy playing, I love that you do this.

  9. Your hair looks great!
    I love the green color on you. I would keep the black pants if they fit well ( hard to find and you would wear them a lot). I love the navy and yellow ( and think a necklace would be too much). This is probably my favorite set of stitch fix things I’ve seen anyone present. I haven’t tried Stitchfix but understand the struggle to decide to spend he money. Most of these things you might wear for years if they are good quality. I tend to want to wear loose things to hide my tummy, but my stylish daughters always encourage me to ” create a waist”. with a belt and it does look dressier and actually more flattering than I expect.

  10. IMO, keep the green top w/the pants they sent. It’s a super cute outfit, and I think very flattering. The scarf looks great w/it. I’m not a fan of the tank and w/something over it (as I would do, too) can you even really tell the cute difference in hem lengths? I would think you could get a cardigan cheaper elsewhere. Although, convenience is worth money, and you already know it fits, etc… The grey does seem comfy but doesn’t seem as figure flattering as the green to me. How fun!

  11. First of all, LOVE your new hair do! You inspire me!

    The gray is my favorite top of all! I’ve always loved how gray makes a golden complexion pop. And the detailed trim is really nice. The green top is my second favorite. Really nice options this time! 🙂

  12. Your hair looks really cute! I feel your pain – I am no good at hairstyling either and always struggle to make it look as good as they do in the salon.

    I think all the pieces look cute and you know yourself better than anyone – with the 25% discount for getting everything, you should keep the gray top. You make me want to try Stitch Fix, since I am not good at shopping outside my “comfort zone.”

    But no, the striped top with the yellow medallion is too busy for a necklace. It has enough of a interest on its own without adding a necklace.

  13. Go for the green! Love that whole outfit – very flattering!

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  15. the green is a keeper!!! love it with the scarf & boots.

  16. I’m a bit behind, trying to catch up, and I love your new haircut. Adorable on you.


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