Things I’m loving


Randomness that I’m enjoying lately:

Gluten Free Blueberry Cake Donuts– yumminess. I found that they cooked more evenly if we just formed them into donut ‘holes’. Lots of times when I make gluten free things, the kids taste them and don’t like them too much, but these donuts were eaten by all until they were gone. One of the kids said they get better after a few hours, when they’re cold. They have a nice tender crumb and we all loved them.

This post from The Better Mom,  especially, ‘what makes us crabby often reveals where our idols dwell.’  So true.

I literally found this  Organic Wear Face Sculpting Trio clearanced at the grocery outlet a few months ago for $5, and have only found it on amazon since then, but I love it.  I wear it on top of foundation, and it adds a glow and a smooth look that I love.

COVERGIRL Bombshell Volume Mascara is another makeup find that I have been loving lately. It is a two-step mascara that really maximizes your eyelashes. Love it. (Hint: I linked to this on amazon, but you can get it cheaper at WalMart. $8, I think?)

This hairstyle is going to be my next cut, I think. So cute.  I might even get some red highlights. Maybe.

StitchFix Stitch Fix is just too much fun.  I keep saying each fix will be my last but then I get lured in wondering what cuteness they might send me next.  And face it, when shopping on my own I all too often default to a blouse that is either turquoise or black.  Seriously, I am so stuck in a rut.  I have another box coming on the 22nd and I am so much looking forward to it!

Isn’t this garland sweet? I don’t know how to crochet, but I’m going to see if I can talk my daughter into making it for me!


Have you pinned or discovered anything interesting lately?

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  1. Love that haircut!

    • Me too! My only problem is trying to figure out if what’s cute on that adorable little redhead would also be cute on me! 😉

  2. YES on the haircut, and def some red lowlights to go with it. I think it would be great on you! Great article too. Thanks for sharing. Soooooo true! xoxo

  3. Mentioning gluten free foods had me think of my kids favorite noodles and just because they are fun:
    Sam Mills Pasta for Kids in the shape of ducks. I can find in Walmart for about a dollar.
    Daughters cannot find in the states they are in so mailing to them monthly!
    I have never been on Pininterest because I don’t want to get sucked in. Don’t have the time.

  4. ooh- I love that heart garland! I just looked for knitted garlands on ravelry so I can make one for our dining room.
    here’s what I recently discovered and am loving- a mystery knit along on (it’s called follow your arrow). this week I’m working on the first clue- it’s not too late to join 🙂 I’m doing a shawl and I’ve never done anything this intricate before so it’s really fun!