Weekend blessings

The winner of the Veggie Tales DVD is commenter #25, Heather. ONE of the three Thanksgiving tables at John's sister's house!

TAscherThanksgiving was truly something to be thankful for– we are blessed with much wonderful family.  Wednesday evening lots of my brothers and sisters got together at my mom and dad’s house for food and fellowship.  Then on Thursday my sister in law put on a lovely spread for both sides of her family, which numbers 30+ people.  Much visiting and yummy food was had by all, and the afternoon was finished off with an epic Nerf war, in which even little Ascher (18 months) participated happily.  (People were amazingly successful at avoiding him as he toddled around the room.)

Shopping this weekend wasn’t terribly successful. One of my daughters and I did venture to Target on Thanksgiving evening in hopes of getting ONE particular thing.  But it was a total zoo and we were mostly unsuccessful. As you might imagine, many, many more people are up for shopping in the evening than early AM, which means the best deals were gone within minutes of the door opening.  I definitely won’t be shopping on Thanksgiving in the future.  I did have a bit of luck online, and the kids have been tortured lately by the arrival of many mysterious packages.

TWarriorsI spent a lot of time over the weekend finishing my book.  When I hit ‘send’ there was much rejoicing.  We were all getting sick of it, thanks to the amount of time I’ve been putting into it lately.  I will send it on for edits and trust God to guide that final stage of telling our adoption story, just as He has guided us along in the whole process. The title is ‘Forever Mom: What to Expect When You’re Adopting’ and it is scheduled to be released next November.

A fun tidbit about Friday– as I walked into my favorite coffee shop to work on Friday, there was my sister in law, visiting from Seattle, who I hadn’t gotten to visit with yet this weekend.  So we had a nice visit in an unexpected place.

John and the kids decorated the house for Christmas on Friday while I worked, so we are all enjoying the twinkle lights, complete with angels and sparkly glass balls on the dining table.  I am planning on sewing a new table runner today with some remnants I bought awhile back.  (Because the book is done and I CAN– hooray!) Maybe something like this or this.

Addy Lou Creates

With the book done, I’m feeling a wonderful sense of freedom.  We have school for two more weeks, but Christmas is coming soon!  And I have many lovely things to do.


  1. Beth in the City says:

    We went Thanksgiving evening too. Target was fine, Kohl’s was mobbed. But I came home and ordered from Kohl’s online and did fine . I agree, it’s not such a great time to shop. My niece goes at 2:30 in the morning and did fine.

  2. I’m annoyed with the retailers for opening on Thanksgiving, so I won’t go shopping that day just on principle. (not judging your choice, just my personal boycott) I did see several news articles about Black Friday going so much more smoothly since everyone had already been there on Thursday. Not counting those people stabbing each other for a parking spot, of course.

    The family get together does look lovely! Much of my family was overseas this year, so I finally learned how to use Skype and my webcam. It was a lovely time that felt almost like I was actually there. I got to see my 6-month old nephew in motion for the first time, which was so precious.

  3. Sandi, have to agree. Will not shop on Thanksgiving eve, Thanksgiving, or ‘black Friday’, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or the day after Christmas because shopping and having stuff has taken over lives of people who live in the United States. When you think of people in the Philippines, Cambodia, India, and the hungry in our country- does a person really need to have a bigger television or the latest gadget, really?
    Come to think of it went grocery shopping on the 23rd and don’t plan on doing any kind of shopping until I go grocery shopping on the 7th at which time I will buy what we will need for the month.
    Have Christmas presents done for this year spending a total of $68 for 25 people- under my $100 allotted budget for gifts. Made aprons for all the kids and grandkids, bought glass Christmas tree candy jars for all co-workers at 25 cents in January last year and will make banana bread for neighbors. DONE and feeling very good about not being caught up in the commercialism that has become the mantra of the early winter months.