Stitch fix #6- opinions needed

I got a new Stitch Fix package in the mail today and am in need of opinions. So often I know how I feel about an item when I’m looking in the mirror, but then when I see a photo, I’m not so sure.

The one item that I’m sure I’m keeping is Plaidthe black high waist crop trousers that I’m wearing in three out of the four photos below. I’d been needing a versatile pair of pants to wear with boots, and tho these are styled like leggings, they’re made from a sturdy, stretchy denim-like fabric. They have a bit of tummy control, and truly look like pants at the ankle, not leggings. I think these will work with a lot of my longer tops.

The plaid tunic I’m wearing in this first photo feels like something I could wear on any ordinary day, but I’m not sure I like it in the photo as much as I did in the mirror, and it feels a bit snug across the shoulders.


This second item is a lovely color and is beautifully soft, but it kinda makes me think of Star Trek. Hmmm…



This third item is a fun style, I think, and I like the neckline.  Am thinking I might actually like my brown boots better with all the black, tho, just to break it up  little. My daughter also suggested it would work well with a belt and maybe a scarf.


This last dress is a little blousy and 80’s-ish, but the color is lovely, and it has pockets, which is fun.


What do you think is most flattering? What looks most worth keeping?


What’s Stitch Fix?  Click here to order a ‘fix’ of your own.  Your $20 styling fee applies toward any item you keep.  Send whatever you don’t want back in a prepaid envelope. Easy peasy. For extra fun, when you sign up and refer someone, you get a $25 credit.


  1. I like the stripey dress the best. And I lol’d at your Star Trek comment.

  2. Last two dresses with belt and scarf would be super fun. Loved the blue. Didn’t like the star trek shirt. Lol 🙂 i really like the red plaid on you though it is different than anything I’ve seen you wear.

  3. I like the last two.

  4. The plaid! The plaid! I love the plaid! You look like a model for an autumn/winter collection in the plaid! (Choose the plaid…) 🙂

  5. The plaid is super cute on you! I live in Northern Idaho and that would fit right in!

  6. I like the plaid and the last blue dress!

  7. The plaid tunic is my favorite.

  8. The plaid top is my favorite on you. So cute!

  9. Angela Mayer says:

    I vote for the turquoise top. Unless you’re on the Enterprise. Which would be fun, too…

  10. I love the turquoise! I would just replace the string belt with a wide belt or scarf!
    The plaid looks great too.

    • Agreed; last turqouise shirt looks good, just needs a thicker belt, that string is too flimsy. The plaid looks beautiful on you! I did not like star trek shirt. And the striped shirt….it’s nice, by the bottom hemline would bother me (how it’s longer in the front. like a reverse mullet).

  11. The stripey tunic is my favorite, closely followed by the plaid

  12. The plaid is adorable. The only other one I like is the black and white stripes.

  13. The turquoise dress is by far my favorite on you! So cute!

  14. I like the plaid and the last blue shirt the best.

  15. I love the plaid and the black and white stripes! Pass on the Star Trek. 🙂

  16. Oh, and I would agree about adding the brown boots to the black and white stripes and black leggings.

  17. the strip top looks fantastic on you. That is the ONLY one I would keep. Very flattering.

  18. Plaid! Turquoise is my second favorite.

  19. yes to #1. the star trek accentuates your breasts: i’d feel funny with that. no to the stripes, and yes to the teal dress.

    • Yes, that’s exactly what I don’t like about the star trek– feels conspicuous. Tho my hubby liked it, lol 😉

      • Too funny on the Star Trek comment – but as soon as I read it I couldn’t think of anything else! Totally agree that it accentuates the breasts and not in a non-husband-only way.

        LOVE the plaid shirt – you seriously look like the girl’s slightly older sister, not their mom, in that outfit! Also like the blue dress – bright and fun.

  20. def the plaid, maybe the stripes

  21. The plaid works well but the others seem to accentuate the hips to my eye. I agree that a wide belt would be better with the turquoise dress. Run like the wind away from the star trekkish outfit. 🙂

  22. Number 3 is cute if you must keep one.
    Number 2 (Star Trek) is a definite send back.
    Number one is fine.
    Overall, these clothes do not do justice to your beauty I find.
    You are extremely pretty.
    It does not look like the quality is there.

  23. I think you look great in the red plaid shirt outfit- definitely a keeper!

  24. The plaid looks great on you!

  25. I liked the plaid the best, but honestly, I didn’t think they were the most flattering styles for you…..unlike some of the other Stitch fixes that looked really great on you. You look beautiful in the turquoise, I just did not care for the style. Did not care for the horizontal stripes, either, and the Star Trek might as well have blinking lights on your “girls” . Ha. 🙂

  26. The turquoise dress works well on you- great color, the layered neckline is great, and it cuts in at the bottom instead of flaring out. The others are not as flattering 🙂 Brutally honest!

  27. The plaid is wonderful! but if you don’t feel comfortable (you mentioned it feeling a little tight across the shoulders) I’m not sure I would get it. But it does look great! #2 I would send back in a hurry. Personally, I don’t think #3 is flattering. It seems to be very flowy at the bottom. I think #4 is a beautiful color on you and it’s whether you like it or not. I always enjoy these Stitch Fix posts. Please let us know what you decide.

  28. Not sure where my comment went… here is try #2. The plaid is wonderful on you! You mentioned across the shoulders was a little snug; just make sure you’d feel comfortable wearing it. But I hope you do, because it’s great! Send #2 back in a hurry! #3 in my opinion is not flattering. It seems very flowy at the bottom and maybe an awkward length. #4 is a lovely color on you.

  29. Pretty much agree with S.T. — the plaid looks perfect on you (totally agree with the fall model comment 🙂 ), the star trek top has to go — quickly, the stripes didn’t do anything for me — kept making me want to straighten them out for some reason (although the fit and style in general looked okay), and the blue dress is such a lovely color on you & a fun style. In the end, the comfort factor cannot be ignored for any of them. Always a fun post when you share your Stitch Fix dilemmas. 🙂

  30. The only ones I would think about are the plaid shirt and the pants. The rest are OK, but not really worth keeping. It just depends on how comfortable you feel!

  31. Very direct: The plaid is by far the best-actually the only one that is flattering. You look natural and comfortable. Definitelyy keep the black pants.

    • Different Sandi, same opinion. I don’t generally like plaid, but I thought that was far and away the best item here. The others all seemed to draw attention to areas you probably don’t want to emphasize.


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