much back and forthing

I went to church five times yesterday.  I tell you this not to sound holy 😉  but to explain my bone-weary exhaustion.

Trip #1 was to get a son to chorus practice at 8:30, during which I did a bit of writing which turned into a long conversation at the coffee shop with a guy who first wondered why I was writing so early in the morning and then when he heard what I was writing needed to know why families adopt from other countries when there are so many kids in the US.  We ended up having quite a nice conversation about adoption and parenting.  At coffee shops I tend to put in my earbuds and block out the world, but I did end up enjoying the chat.

Trip #2 to church was at 9:30.  Hubby and the other kids met me there in the other vehicle. After church  we left one vehicle there and took the clan to McDonalds, then to the park for our annual family picture shenanigans.  A fair bit of the work for that event happened last week, as my married daughters and I figured out what clothing 18 people could wear that coordinated reasonably well without anyone having to buy too-too many new items.  We went with a scheme of cocoa, mustard, blue and plum, with some pops of fuchsia.  I think overall we looked pulled together.  It remains to be seen if the amazing Israel managed to get the majority of us looking the same direction, with eyes open.  So far every year he’s pulled it off.  But now we number 18– we’re definitely ramping up the difficulty level on him. In any case, I’m looking forward to sharing what we got with you soon.

Trip #3 to church was at 2:45 to drop the teens off to prep for the kids’ harvest party, which is basically a chance to dress up and play games and eat candy.

Trip #4 back to church at 3:15 was to give a son an item he’d forgotten to bring for a costume.  Then it was time to zip back home so the youngest two could put on their costumes.  One was a princess and the other (dressed in PJ’s, wearing glasses and carrying a cup of coffee) was ‘mom in the morning’.  You’d think I’d have managed to get at least one picture, but I am relying on the teens at the party to share some of theirs with me eventually.  My 15yo daughter did a bang-up Jack Sparrow, complete with a red bandanna and beads in her hair.  Very cool.  Really hoping someone actually got a picture of that one.

Trip #5 to church at 3:45 was to get the youngest two girls to the party, where for three hours they proceeded to eat candy, and I visited with the other moms and tried not to eat candy.  By the end of the party, the kids were sugared and the mommas were yawning and talking about what we wouldn’t be able to get our kids to eat for dinner due to all the sugar ingested.  Back at home I told the kids who didn’t want leftover hamburger casserole that at least they should have a glass of milk before bed, which pleased everyone well.   And we all yawned our way off to bed.

Oh– and all this was AFTER Saturday, which started with a 7AM wakeup to go cheer for five family members at a race, during which I got to snuggle my newest granddaughter.  though I do plan to race again one of thee days myself, I highly recommend baby-snuggling as a less exhausting alternative than the actual 5K.  My afternoon was spent at church while my son and several cousins baked and decorated 72 cupcakes for the cakewalk for Sunday’s harvest party.

This morning the alarm went off at 5:55 AM so I could get in the car yet again, and deliver my son to his college Spanish class.  He’s hoping to be driving for himself VERY soon.  Given the fact that he’s only 15, he has a bit more waiting to do.  And I have to admit that most Mon-Wed AM’s I look forward to the quiet writing time.  However, this morning I’m just yawning.  And wishing somehow that the week could be quieter than the weekend.  Except when does that ever happen?

How was your weekend?

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  1. I had to laugh, I remember those days when kids were home.Some day you will look back and wonder where all that energy came from .
    Have a great week. Juls