great things about country life


This is as busy as our road is about 90% of every day.

You can sit by the side of the road drawing for half an hour without one car passing by.


Almost everyone who drives by waves at you, whether you know each other or not.
The ones who don’t wave– well, either the sun’s in their eyes or they ain’t from around here.


When your kids tell you the neighbor guy stopped them to show them his puppies,

instead of being worried, you’re tempted to go see them yourself.

Except you’re afraid you’d come home with one.  Or three.

neighbor-pups, 2 days old

Speaking of dogs, you know most of the neighbor dogs by name.

The momma of these (12!) pups is named Taylor,

and she likes to ride on the mower when her owner mows.

I’m thinking she might be too busy to do that for awhile.

Chicken chasing

Your neighbors don’t think a thing of the fact that your (2!)

roosters crow approximately 147 times an hour.  Each.


There are times it’d be more convenient if the nearest grocery store wasn’t an 8 mile drive,

but mostly that inconvenience just makes you more inventive and saves you money.

Except for the gas to get to town.




PS–The winner of the Capri Clear giveaway is commenter #5 Lissa.


  1. Yes. Love it. 🙂

  2. I love it! We now live in a small coastal town with many similarities! I love that our road is usually only traveled by the people who live on it (and only a few homes are lived in year round). We have 3 stoplights in town and the highest speed limit is 30. We are very far away from shopping for anything more than the necessities but that’s okay- it’s taught us a better understanding of what we *really* need. It’s a wonderful way of life!


  3. Oh goodness, I’d kill for an 8 mile drive! I have a 50 mile drive for groceries or gas ::(

    • Wow, so far!

    • Would love living that far off the beaten track!

    • I frequently travel through a lot of rural areas, and it’s never more than about 20 miles between gas and food places. There might be only one gas station and one dinky grocery store, but there’s always something. 50 miles? You must truly be in the middle of nowhere!

  4. LOVE living in small town. But the flip side is also true — everyone knows everything — good or bad.
    Business owners let me know all the time how much they appreciate that I shop local with all my family’s needs helping to keep them solvent.