Have kids who like to draw? (‘See the Light’ Art DVD Giveaway)

This week we had craft day at our church– a homeschooling coop with a bunch of friends.There are usually 20-25 kids — some teens, a few toddlers and preschoolers, but most of the kids are probably in the 5-12 age range.  Moms each take turns being in charge of the craft, and we don’t really expect anything huge or involved.  But when it’s your turn, you always want to do something that is enjoyable for all, which can be tricky with that broad an age span.

I was in charge this month, and decided to go with an art project that I’d seen online.  This cartooning video is part of a whole series of DVD art classes designed for homeschooling families.  I watched it ahead of time, and decided to show about 25 minutes of the 70 minute video.  This was the first time our group had done anything quite like that, but it ended up working really well.

Cartoon veggiesThe teacher steps kids through the art in a really doable way.  For example, she began by showing kids how to make different kinds of cartoon eyes, noses, and mouths in a collection on a sheet of scrap paper.  It was all very simple and non-intimidating for folks not sure of their drawing ability, but varied enough to also intrigue the kids who did like to draw.  Then she showed how to cartoonize shapes of vegetable using a mix of the features that she’d already shown the kids how to draw.

Not every kid adored the activity, but at any given moment during the 25 minute drawing session, a good 75% of the kids were happily engaged, which in a group that diverse I consider a big success.  The preschoolers ended up being happy mostly coloring and drawing free-form, but several of the 5 year old kiddos were able to follow along and do some interesting faces with the instruction of the DVD.  I’m looking forward to showing the rest of the video to my kids at home.

Now, the fun part:  I am giving away  a cartooning DVD to one of you!  All you have to do is comment below and tell me a bit about your family and art.  Do you enjoy drawing or does it intimidate you?  What about your kids?  Who do you think would enjoy this video most at your house? For a second entry, you may share this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter, or you may ‘like’ See The Light on Facebook. I will choose a winner early next week.


  1. Lisa Henderson says:

    I’m homeschooling two of my daughters and one of them is VERY creative….Bet she’d love the DVD!

  2. My daughter loves art…and it has pushed me to try new ways to be creative too! I never imagined her coming to me to ask a question about perspective or about shading…but here we are! And with only a few resources! It scares me to try- but who safer than family! Our kids will love this- but I know my daughter will really enjoy trying out new ideas and being stretched!

  3. Michelle Devine says:

    I have 4 girls 7 and under that love to draw! This would be perfect for them.

  4. I can barely draw a stick figure, but I have a daughter that LOVES art. I know she would love the DVD.

  5. I homeschool my kids and all of them love art and drawing. This sounds like something that they would really enjoy.

  6. momteacherfriend says:

    I was the kid at 10 years old who thought she couldn’t draw. I had an aunt who was a brilliant artist, but me, I wasn’t any good. So when I left elementary I left art behind as well. No drawings, no paintings rather a belief that I would never contribute anything to the visual arts.

    Then I had my babes. Sweet babes that I decided to educate and with it came early childhood doodles, drawings, finger painting and exploration with watercolors. Something was awakened in me. Those early years there are no judgements, it was carefree; fun!

    As the kids grew I had a few friends introduce us to the world of art museums and art appreciation, we ran with it. We thrived. We ate it up, devoured pieces, replicated what we could, tried different techniques and then one day it caught be by surprise, I found myself an artist.

    No longer afraid to express myself on paper. Free to express myself in various forms. Inspired to teach my kids the beauty of art and there individual abilities to create was full of endless opportunities. We are artists!

  7. I am not the creative type…at…all. BUT one of my sons just loves his newly discovered passion for drawing. I literally stopped at a gas station on our recent 9 hour road trip to get him a pencil and some blank paper to keep him busy in the car. BTW do you know how hard it is to find a sharpened pencil at a gas station LOL. Anyhow after sharpening the pencil, and begging a few sheets of copy paper off the clerk, he was set for the next 3 hours sketching in the car!

    Pretty sure he would love the opportunity to learn more about drawing and sketching since his mom is of no help at all-haha.

  8. Kathy Blank says:

    Art is not something that is ‘officially’ taught at my house. I feel it was an area of mine that wasn’t encouraged so I am at a loss on how to teach how to draw or do creative artsy things. My boys – 17, 14 and 7 would enjoy the videos. I so appreciate your blog, Mary! Thanks for posting!

  9. I have always loved to sketch and paint, and have always longed to share it with my three girls. Unfortunately, it has backfired a little in that if the girls see what I am doing and try it themselves they get frustrated that it is not as “good” as mine so they give up. I have tried so hard to explain that their own style is what they should be excited about, and that I have had however many years of practice to experiment with my style, but they are perfectionists I guess? I think hearing art lessons for another more experienced voice may help overcome their fear of failure? Maybe?

  10. coraly harlan says:

    My 10 year old daughter breathes art. For her birthday this year we gave her space in the garage for her art studio. She needs to create something everyday. I, other hand do not enjoy art. I enjoy looking at and admiring art. I simply can not draw or create to save my life. We attempting to do God and the History of art , but my daughter gets very frustrated as I do not fully understand the principles of drawing. Poor kid. She would absolutely love this, as I would too… I would be free of the now dreaded art lesson!

  11. I enjoy drawing/painting/doodling, but I’m not really very good at it! It is a fun activity for all of my boys to try new art things. My oldest is pretty good and the rest of us just try to have fun! : ) This DVD looks like it would be alot of fun!

  12. I have twin 6 yr olds, a 3 yr old and a 11 month old. Both the 6yr olds LOVE to color, but one more so than the other. Any time she gets birthday money, she buys some kind of craft project, new markers, paint, etc. Lately we have discovered “Art and Music” on netflix and while it’s geared toward infant/toddlers, my daughter (actually all my kids) loves to copy the simple drawings that are done. I LOVE feeling that there is some tv they can watch and really learn something from, tv that is engaging the brain!

  13. Leah Carter says:

    This would be awesome! One of my 9 year old boys LOVES to draw but we have been unable to find any art classes in our area. And unfortunately nobody else in our family has any drawing knowledge to pass on to him.

  14. I am using a new art book this year with my 4 youngest homeschoolers .. its called “Let’s Make some Great Art” by Marion Deuchars. I saw it in a bookstore, but found it online for $11 or so. It is FANTASTIC! So fun and inspiring, and I’ve now picked up sketchbooks from the Dollar Store for the kids, because they are motivated to “do art” outside of school time. This book could easily last 2 years (at least for the younger kids) and I’m using it with grades 7, 5, 3 and 1. This video series you’re mentioning sounds excellent!

  15. The joke around my house is that I (mom) cannot draw a straight line with a ruler nevermind draw a picture of anything. But my kids on the other hand—are all creative geniouses. Yeah for my collection of artwork on the walls throughout the house!
    I love art and have many original pieces from local artists as well as pieces kids have sent/or brought back from trips around the world.
    Would love this and maybe help me get over my intimidation of anything having to do with art.

  16. My son loves to draw. He says he would like to be an artist when he grows up. He will spend hours drawing. He would love this!

  17. We like to draw, especially the youngest. She gives away her drawings and I make my own cards.

  18. We do art, in fact it gets in the way of the “school” we are supposed to be doing because it is such a pull. I have one child who doesn’t like to draw or write. He will paint, but is convinced that nothing he does is very good. However, I think he would enjoy a video that helped him make cartoons – he is in love with cartoons. It would be worth a try anyway. The rest of us would enjoy it too no question. Thanks for the fun offer and great review.

  19. I would love for my children to gain some good drawing skills. I’ve never been very confident in my own abilities as an artist.

  20. My two daughters, ages 6 and 11, both love art! They have taken several classes with a local art teacher. My sons are not into art very much. I have always been a bit intimidated by art, although I love to look at it!

  21. This would work perfect for us. I homeschool and our youngest son loves art, especially to draw, however I can’t even draw a straight line. He also learns best from videos, so this would be awesome! If there was a way to wear out a DVD watching it too much, this would happen.

  22. All of our kiddos love to draw – I have their masterpieces all over the house. We have checked out every drawing book from the library, I think! They all would love to improve their skills – which they certainly don’t get from me 🙁

  23. My five year old nephew is visiting and he has spent hours coloring and drawing on computer paper or any blank paper he can find. This is definitely something he would like.

  24. I like See the Light on Facebook

  25. How is it that parents who cannot draw much at all…..produce children who can draw beautifully?!?! I see that happens to be the theme throughout most of the comments, and I certainly would reflect it as well! Our kids all love to draw even thought they’ve not had true lessons….yet I struggle to make a cat look like a cat ….and a dog look like a dog!!! 🙂 Our family would enjoy this dvd immensely! Thank you for your blog, Mary. It’s one of the few I read every day. Always worthwhile and uplifting and inspiring.

  26. Kristin Peterson says:

    I homeschool my 3 kids – ages 13, 12, 10 and they ALL love to draw! The 2 younger draw something almost every day. I would love to give them some actual art lessons since I have never done that. I know we would love this DVD!

  27. Most of us can’t draw a straight line with a ruler. My 10 & 6 year olds have artistic talent, not sure where it came from:)

  28. I love to draw and I doodle all the time, but only one of my children really enjoys art. I wonder if this would draw in the others?

  29. I have zero artistic ability, but my 2 daughters are both very artistic.

  30. Christin Harrison says:

    My 12 year old girl loves to draw, paint, etc. I can’t even begin to tell you how many pieces of paper she has gone through. She would love this!

    Oh, and I just “liked” their page on FB. 🙂

  31. Christin Harrison says:

    I have a 12 year old daughter who loves to draw, paint, etc. I can’t even begin to tell you how many pieces of paper she has gone through.

    Oh, and I “liked” their page on fb. 🙂

  32. We are a homeschooling family with four kids. My oldest two are always doodling and would enjoy this video. My artistic abilities are in the stick figure range 🙂

  33. My kids like to draw…some…but aren’t creative. They do well with step-by-step directions like that (at least my oldest, my 2nd is very creative), so this DVD might be a good fit for both.


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